The Clever Tip To Avoid At Least One Massive Crowd On The First Day Of Your Cruise

While many things are taken care of for you while you're on a cruise, there are still genius ways you can improve your trip when you're aboard. After embarkation, things can get a little busy as both staff and guests adjust to a new charter but there are strategies you can use to find some peace and quiet.

According to The Points Guy, you should avoid going to the cruise buffet on your first day at sea. This is because everyone goes to eat once they're onboard and it can be a stressful way to start your trip. They recommend going to one of the secondary eateries instead, as there will usually be another option open. It may also be a better way to begin your cruise in a table service restaurant instead of having to wait in line for the buffet. This is not the only way to skip the busy areas while you're cruising either.

How to avoid crowds while on a cruise

Another tip from The Points Guy is to download your dedicated cruise app as this will tell you about every event that is happening on your trip. You can use this to your advantage as it will tell you which areas will be the busiest so you can choose to spend this time elsewhere. If there is a BBQ or show on during the day, it could be a good time to enjoy the sundeck while it is quiet.

Since the pool can be one of the busiest places on the boat in the day, visit as the sun starts to set as this is when many people leave to get ready for dinner. The water will also be a lovely temperature as it will have been warmed by the sun all day. Morning or early afternoon is the ideal time to visit the spa as most people book their treatments for later in the day after their activities are finished. Aside from beating the crowds, there are other ways to make the most out of your trip.

Other ways to make your cruise more relaxing

One surprising cruise secret is that some liners don't charge for room service as they are just delivering food that is on the menu. If they do charge, it may only be for some items or the out-of-hours service so you can enjoy a quiet meal in your cabin if you choose to. Always keep a day bag packed to disembark quickly for excursions and even return early for a couple of hours of peace before other people return. When the boat is docked it can be a great time to do things onboard as many guests will leave to see the destination.

If you want to be a good cruise passenger then avoid doing the one thing that drives everyone crazy, and that is slamming your cabin door. The doors are heavy so they are surprisingly loud, and if other guests see you closing yours quietly then it might encourage them to do the same. If you do all of these things, then you're bound to have a more relaxing time than other guests who aren't aware of these top tips for a fantastic first-time cruise.