This TikTok Mom's Viral Hack For Bringing A Baby To The Airport Is Raising Some Red Flags

Navigating the airport is hard enough when you have luggage, your passport, and a boarding pass to keep track of. Doing all that with a small child is practically a Herculean feat. To make the process easier, some parents have gotten creative when traveling with a baby, such as Lisa Flom, a TikToker who shares #momlife content on the platform.

In a viral video, boasting 1.4 million likes and counting, Flom is seen in the airport with her baby and carry-on bag in tow. With the bag standing up, she places her baby on top, using the long handle as a seatback. Now for the creative hack: Flom then takes her baby's button-up sweater, wraps it around the handle, and puts her baby's arms through the sleeves, buttoning it up as usual.

The sweater keeps the child in place and sitting up on the carry-on luggage, allowing Flom to move around the airport with ease. The baby is seen grinning from ear to ear as they're rolled around — but not everyone's smiling at the idea.

People called out the hack's potential dangers

While Lisa Flom's TikTok video went viral and received some support from parents who know how hard it is to fly with small children, the clip's comments section was flooded with concerned viewers. "I'd be terrified he'd fall forward and the jacket would strangle him," reads one popular comment, eliciting over 7,800 likes. Another commenter noted that the buttons of the sweater could pop off, causing the baby to topple over.

Other TikTokers pointed out additional red flags, such as how the hack could be dangerous during an emergency at the airport or that the whole suitcase could easily fall backward. One commenter even claimed they witnessed someone try the hack before and drop both the luggage and the baby.

If the method is used similarly to how Flom demonstrates it in her video — during downtime while waiting at the airport, when you can slowly and carefully roll your baby along for fun — it may be worth a try to keep fussy ones entertained on long travel days. However, the hack could take a turn for the worse if you're rushing through the airport or fumbling through security.

Safer ways to travel with a baby in an airport

Internet hacks can be hit or miss, and when your baby is the one at risk, it's a good idea to skip the shortcuts and stick with tried-and-true methods. However, there's good news if you were hoping to copy the carry-on luggage trick: You can buy a suitcase designed to double as a travel seat for children. These products can be a much safer alternative to relying on your baby's sweater or jacket. One such option is the MiaMily Carry On, which @camillesmiith showed off in a TikTok video. The top lifts up, turning into a seat for children (or tired adults). Note, however, that the brand's website lists the product as only being appropriate for those aged two years and up. A similar solution is the Mountain Buggy Skyrider, a carry-on suitcase with a built-in harness to keep little ones from falling. It's designed to accommodate children between nine months and 3 years of age who can sit up on their own.

If your baby is under these age ranges, go with the classics, such as a collapsible stroller or baby sling. Or, if you have a lot of luggage to manage, use both. Content creator @her.atlas chose to travel with her baby strapped to her chest while pushing a stroller, which contained her rolling suitcase and other belongings.