Take A Break From The City At This Underrated And Untouched Island In Canada

Just a short ferry ride away from the bustling cityscape of Vancouver lies Bowen Island, a serene, mountainous getaway. Often overlooked in favor of more well-known destinations, this hidden gem offers the perfect escape for anyone seeking tranquility and a break from their busy urban life. Totaling less than 30 square miles of land, Bowen Island sits in the middle of the Howe Sound fjord, and is home to a little more than 4,000 residents, making life here quaint and slow-paced.

Whether you visit for just a short day trip from Vancouver or decide to stay for a few nights, Bowen Island's stunning natural setting will make you never want to leave. Many artists and writers never did, enchanted by the island's awe-inspiring landscape. For that reason, this small town actually has the fifth largest population of art professionals of all the cities in Canada.

Aside from its vibrant arts scene, you'll also discover excellent hiking and kayaking opportunities, and unparalleled, unique boutique accommodations. With its tranquil forests overlooking azure waters, it's the perfect, albeit underrated, island destination.

Things to do while on Bowen Island, Canada

While this Canadian island may be small in size, it's packed with an impressive selection of activities to choose from. Outdoor enthusiasts can embark on breathtaking hikes along the island's extensive trail system. One of the most popular routes among hikers is the Mount Gardner trail. This difficult 6.2-mile trail scales the island's tallest mountain peak. Although it's a challenging one, the panoramic views of the coastal landscape you'll get are worth it.

Kayaking and paddle boarding enthusiasts will find themselves in paradise on Bowen Island. Navigate the island's bays and inlets, while getting a unique look at Bowen's rugged shores and marine wildlife. Rent gear and venture out on your own or book a tour guide with Bowen Island Sea Kayaking.

Within the island, you'll find clusters of local boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. Areas like Bowen Island Marina & Pier, Snug Cove, and Village Square are great spots to hit when you're looking to shop and dine. Because Bowen Island boasts a bolstering arts community, you'll also come across a variety of galleries. If this interests you, we recommend you visit Artisan Square, a quaint collection of art galleries and craft vendors showcasing the creative spirit of Bowen Island. Additionally, the historic Bowen Island Museum and Archives provide a fascinating look into the island's past, offering exhibits on its history and the unique development of this secret haven.

One-of-a-kind accommodations in Bowen Island, Canada

Wherever you stay on Bowen Island you're guaranteed to be surrounded by the island's unbeatable natural backdrop. And while you'll likely be more preoccupied with what's outdoors than what's indoors, there are some pretty noteworthy boutique hotels and inns offered on the island.

If you're looking for the ultimate getaway to rest and recharge, check out Nectar Yoga Bed and Breakfast. Located in the secluded forests of the island, Nectar Yoga offers guests a full itinerary of self-care activities, a cozy, luxury cottage, and delicious homemade food. In addition to your daily yoga and meditation classes, guests have the option to book one or more add-on healing experiences such as a massage, tarot card reading, or private yoga class.

If you're looking for something less structured but just as relaxing, book your stay at the Kitoki Inn. Guests at Kitoki Inn cozy up in gorgeous cabins crafted with wood and expansive windows looking out into the surrounding rainforest. The cherry on top, each guest has access to hydrotherapy at the inn's open-air Japanese bathhouses. Needless to say, Bowen Island makes a great addition to your wellness travel bucket list.