Popular Comedian Nicole Byer Shares Her Top Travel Tips

Celebrities are always on the move. Whether going on tour, doing the rounds on a press junket, or filming on some faraway set, being a famous person comes with a lot of airline miles and travel street cred. Nicole Byer, comedian and host of the hit Netflix baking show "Nailed It," recently shared a few tips on making travel as seamless as possible, via an interview with Thrillist.

The first thing to know is that the person you're traveling with is everything, so pick carefully. She revealed that her worst fear is not the plane crashing, missing a flight, or getting kidnapped in some international locale. It's traveling with the wrong person — or a "sourpuss," as she puts it. One of her favorite people to travel with is her best friend Sasheer because they have schedules that complement one another. While Byer prefers to sleep in, her friend likes to get up early. The two do their own thing in the morning and then reconvene at noon. With a good travel buddy like that, it just works.

Passing the time and handling jet lag

For trips longer than three hours, Byer said she prefers to fly on a plane than driving. After all, it's not like we're still living in the Oregon Trail era, she jokes. Once onboard the flight, she likes to turn on an action flick to help pass the time, like the Fast and the Furious franchise. A good drink never hurt anybody, either. Byer's beverage of choice is a vodka soda, followed by putting her hoodie up and taking a nap in the window seat.

Once on the ground, Byer says in the Thrillist interview that it's crucial to stay awake for as long as possible to stave off the jet lag — even if you land later in the early evening, like 6:00 p.m. No matter how exhausted you feel, try not to take a nap in the middle of the day. Instead, hold out and go to bed at a normal(ish) time so your body has a chance to adjust to the new time zone. It's okay if you need to sleep more than eight hours, too.

Packing the essentials

Byer's preferred airport attire is a matching tracksuit, which straddles that line between comfort and style. She wants to look like she put in some effort while still being able to kick back and relax for the flight. To combat the dry air, she swears by moisturizer from KraveBeauty. If she's feeling fancy, she may add a couple of under-eye patches. During makeup-free moments, she puts on a pair of fake eyelashes from Huda Beauty or Morphe; then she's good to go.

As for the post-arrival wardrobe, Byer admits that packing has been a bit of a gamble lately. In the Netherlands, she didn't bring enough jeans. In Greece, she brought too many dresses. But even as the packing list ebbs and flows, there's one thing she never, ever forgets: extra underwear. She overpacks these just in case, to the tune of 14 pairs for a 7-day trip. You never know, she says to Thrillist. Better to be safe than sorry.