Make Packing For A Long Trip Easier With This Tip From Gymnast Simone Biles

It's no secret that Simone Biles possesses a massive skill set that us mere mortals would never dare attempt. Every time she steps onto the competition floor (or beam... or vault...), the 26-year-old GOAT of gymnastics shatters yet another world record. Between World Championships and Olympics, Biles has racked up 34 medals, which makes her the most celebrated gymnast in history.

And while Biles is best known for her superhuman athletic skills, it's hardly the only reason she's a hero to millions of both athletes and non-athletes. She bravely testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about the sexual abuse she and hundreds of others suffered at the hands of team doctor Larry Nassar — and the powerful institutions that turned a blind eye to the abuse.

Crushing every competition she enters and holding abusers and their enablers to account is enough to give Biles #Shero status (and then some). But her talents certainly don't end there. She has an eye for putting together the perfect outfits and, if you've ever wondered how she manages to look completely put-together and red-carpet ready during her travels all over the world, it turns out she has a packing hack that involves shrink-wrapping her outfits before she departs.

During a trip with Celebrity Cruises, Biles shared her packing process. "I used to put outfits in plastic bags and write 'Day 1,' 'Day 2,' or whatever, and that was my packing hack. But now I think they have those bags that you can like suction the air [out of]," Biles told Travel + Leisure.

Simone's packing tips

Biles also noted that shrink-wrapping her outfits is "really helpful, especially on long trips." Biles, who stands 4'8" acknowledged that her petite size comes in handy when she's packing. "My clothes are so little, so I have more space, so I tend to overpack," she told Travel + Leisure. "It helps me whenever I pack [that my clothes are so little]."

Biles has been a packing pro for years. Back in 2016 as she prepared for the Olympic Trials, she shared some of her packing secrets for when she travels to competitions all over the country and world. She told USA Today that her secret is packing in moderation and leaving at home the smaller things that aren't necessities.

"For Olympic trials ... since it's not that much you just pack outfits for every day and leos for your competition gear," Biles told the outlet. "So it's not that much. After Olympic Trials, everyone will have time to go back home."

Whether she's enjoying a well-deserved vacation to kick back and relax, or packing for the Olympic Games, it certainly seems like Biles has the whole "packing a suitcase" thing down to a science. Is there anything this woman can't do? (That is, of course, a rhetorical question.)