Visit The Tallest Christmas Tree In The World At This Southern US Destination

If you're a fan of Christmas magic, you know the beauty and charm of seeing holiday light displays with hundreds of twinkling lights. If you have dreamt of seeing a massive, decorated tree this time of year, you might think of famous ones like the Rockefeller Center in New York or the National Christmas Tree in Washington, D.C. However, to see a truly towering tree, you'll have to travel to a quiet corner of northwest Louisiana, close to the Texas border. 

DeSoto Parish, Louisiana, is home to the tallest Christmas tree in the world, which is about as tall as a 28-story building. The towering marvel is located in the small town of Stonewall, less than 30 miles south of Shreveport, and boasts of being the grandest Christmas spectacle globally. What's unique about this holiday decoration is that it isn't really a tree at all. Rather, it's a glowing representation of what a small community can do when people come together.

DeSoto Parish's 300-foot Christmas tower

The Christmas tree in DeSoto Parish is actually a decorated communications tower standing 300 feet tall. To put this in perspective, the 2023 Rockefeller Christmas Tree in New York City is only 80 feet tall, which means the DeSoto Parish tree is more than three times taller. The idea for the tree came to DeSoto Parish Sheriff Jayson Richardson when his family was enjoying lights last holiday season.

"Got me to thinking, I wonder what the world's largest Christmas tree is?" Richardson told Louisiana Radio Network. "And realized the current largest it was in Indiana. It was 280 some odd feet. Well, our tower was 300 feet, so I knew we exceeded that." A local businessman helped Richardson flesh out the idea, and sponsors and donors raised the $30,000 needed to bring it to life. 

DeSoto Parish's Christmas tower may not hold the Guinness World Record for the tallest cut Christmas tree, a title claimed by a towering 221-foot Douglas fir in Seattle in 1950. It also doesn't surpass the record for the largest Christmas tree structure, held by a Brazilian creation at an astounding 419.91 feet. However, DeSoto's Christmas tower currently stands as the tallest of its kind, with over 10,000 LED lights descending from the top of the tower and fanning out into the shape of a tree. The initial tree lighting was celebrated with fireworks, hot cocoa, and a visit from Santa Claus.

Christmas tree wonders across the US

If you're hoping to get a glimpse of the tree in person, you won't want to delay. The lights will only be on until the first week of January. If you can't make it to Louisiana, don't worry! There are some fantastic Christmas trees in other parts of the U.S. that you can visit and enjoy. For example, in Kansas City, Missouri, there is a 100-foot-tall Oregon Douglas fir called the Mayor's Christmas Tree. It stands in the Crown Center, where you can find loads of wintry entertainment, like an ice-skating rink and a gingerbread station. After Christmas, they use the wood from the tree to make ornaments to raise money for local people in need.

If you head to Pierre, South Dakota, the Christmas at the Capitol celebration turns the State Capitol into a winter wonderland with close to 100 Christmas trees. Each tree is decorated by different groups, making the 1910 building look super festive. If you're in California, don't miss the enchanting Christmas Tree Lane in Altadena. This historic lane has been dazzling visitors for nearly a century with nearly a mile of cedar trees adorned in twinkling lights, creating a magical tunnel of holiday cheer. And don't forget Perkasie Borough in Pennsylvania, which has been recognized for the oldest community tree-lighting ceremony in the country. No matter where you are this holiday season, let these big, bright trees make your days merry and full of joy.