The Flight Attendant-Approved Hack To Get Your Meal Faster While On A Plane

When you go on a long journey, it is understandable that you would get hungry while aboard the plane. If you have a healthy appetite then try this great hack, as recommended by flight attendant Caroline Kneitz in an interview with The Daily Mail. She advises ordering a special meal, such as a vegan or gluten-free option as these are usually given out before the regular meal service.

It's likely to be hotter as it is straight out of the oven and it hasn't been sitting on the cart like the other meals. Kneitz also points out that if you're flying in the evening, getting your food quicker means you can go to sleep earlier. This can help you beat jet lag on long flights and feel a bit fresher when you reach your destination. It is also not the only hack you can try to get your meal to arrive faster during a flight.

Ways to get your meal faster on a plane

After the special meals have been brought out, the rest of the food is usually distributed from the front of the plane to the back. So choosing a seat at the head of the plane can mean you get fed quicker. If you haven't ordered a specific meal, there may be more choice if you're near the front as the more popular food gets taken first, leaving those in the back rows with fewer options.

Those with food allergies or particular preferences can bring their own food aboard and ask for the attendant to heat it up. This can work well for young children who might not enjoy airplane food and it means that they can go to sleep at an earlier time. If it is outside of mealtime hours, attendants are less busy so they will be able to heat food more quickly than when their ovens are being used. As well as getting food faster, it is sometimes possible to get extra portions.

Other plane food hacks

Sometimes there is food left over so if you're nice to your flight attendant, they might let you have an extra meal. Being polite is generally a useful way to get free stuff on a plane as staff can get tired of dealing with grumpy customers. Kneitz recommends getting on their good side by bringing a gift, like wrapped chocolates or a bag of sweets.

If you're taking medication, you can ask for free water even on a short flight as you are not allowed to bring your own through customs. On a long-haul flight, take a trip to the back of the plane after the dinner service as attendants often leave a box of airplane snacks and drinks there. This is to ensure their sleep and break times aren't disturbed by customers. If you try all these great plane food hacks then you'll never worry about going hungry or thirsty while traveling at 35,000 feet again.