This Perfect Road Trip Centers Around Pittsburgh And Hits The Most Stunning Waterfalls In The Area

Pittsburgh is a city surrounded by beautiful landscapes. You'll find countless hills covered in trees and plenty of parks full of the most beautiful waterfalls. There are so many great spots for nature walks and photo ops. While there's a ton to do and see in the city itself, driving around its outskirts is just as, if not more, captivating for nature lovers. You can witness scenic views, go on mini hikes, and rest near waterways when you choose to spend a day or two driving around. Pack the car and get ready for an exciting, outdoorsy adventure.

The great thing about this road trip is that it's entirely customizable. You can research and choose which waterfalls are the most appealing to you and go from there. We've looked around and found some great suggestions on where to stop, so buckle up and get ready to take in some gorgeous sights.

Popular and beautiful sites

Given the numerous waterfalls and other vistas surrounding Pittsburgh, you can customize your road trip based on how much time you have and which spots you want to see the most.

You can stop by the quirkily-named sites of Buttermilk Falls and Cucumber Falls. They both require a short walk to reach them, which is a plus or minus, depending on your perspective. Buttermilk Falls is located just outside of Beaver Falls and offers you different vantage points to explore it from — including from behind. Cucumber Falls is a 30-foot waterfall that allows you to swim at its base. There are hiking trails around it too, so if you want to extend your adventure, this is a great option.

Next, you can take a visit to Yoder Falls near Johnstown. This is another 30-footer in an area that's great for hiking. Frankfort Mineral Springs Waterfall is another waterfall that's definitely worth a visit. It's located in the 7,572 acre Raccoon Creek State Park in Southern Beaver County.

Waterfalls and history

Big Run Falls in Lawrence County is another beautiful stop. You'll find a 25-foot waterfall nestled in a rocky area (but it's certainly worth the hike to get there). Next, there's Adams Falls in Linn Run State Park. "I loved it because I like to feel secluded and a bit off the map. We hiked down into the waterfall area and there were a good bit of fallen trees blocking the trail, but again, we are a bit the type that like that sort of reroute adventure," a reviewer wrote about Adams Falls on AllTrails.

Finally, there's Quaker Falls in Lawrence County and Ohiopyle Falls in Ohiopyle State Park. Quaker Falls has an important role in the history of the area (unsurprisingly related to the Quaker settlements that took place there in the 1800s and beyond). "That site is one of the major, if not only sites, of archaeological significance in Lawrence County," commissioner chairman Morgan Boyd told New Castle News. Ohiopyle Falls is wide and 20 feet tall, and unlike many of the area's other attractions, it's easily accessible for those who aren't up for a hike.

Overall, Pittsburgh is surrounded by an abundance of nature, making it an ideal place to discover beautiful waterfalls, and these are only a fraction of the options out there waiting for you to explore them. Next time you're out trying to figure out a fun road trip, build an itinerary that allows you to seek out Pennsylvania's waterfalls.