This Has To Be The Best Hidden, Family-Friendly Beach In Costa Rica

Family days at the beach are what great holidays are made of. The sun is shining, the waves are crashing, the sand castles are towering, and that refreshing drink is hitting the spot. Whatever your travel style, packing up your sunscreen and towel and hitting the nearest beach is a great way to unwind — especially after you've been exploring a new destination and require a break.

And what better place to enjoy your next family trip than beautiful Costa Rica? Known for its lush jungles, breathtaking national parks, and beautiful beaches, this Central American country is a must-visit for adventurous families who love getting off the beaten path to embrace a little more wildlife and nature. And better yet, the country is so vast that there are even plenty of unexplored and secluded beaches just waiting for you and your loved ones — like Playa Nacascolo.

Tucked away in the Golfo de Papagayo, in the northern Guanacaste province, Playa Nacascolo is a quiet haven away from the crowds and hordes of surfers. With crystal clear and calm waters, small waves, and surrounded by untouched forests and mangroves, this secluded beach is ideal for families with small children or couples looking for some extra privacy. All in all, it's basically what beach-day dreams are made of.

Getting to Playa Nacascolo

Hidden as it may be, Playa Nacascolo is pretty easy to access — but it does require some planning. First things first, even though Costa Rica requires that all beaches have public access, some resorts make it a little tricky for non-guests to access certain areas.

In the case of Playa Nacascolo, the beach borders the Four Seasons Resort, and direct access is technically blocked. Nonetheless, because of the law, the Four Seasons does offer a free shuttle service that will take you from the main parking lot — located at the end of the main road toward the Papagayo Peninsula — to the entrance of the beach. Once you've parked up, the shuttle will stop by to pick you and other visitors up. Make sure you let the driver know which beach you're visiting, as the shuttle also serves other nearby spots like Playa Blanca, Playa Virador, and Playa Prieta.

A cozy 10-minute drive later, you'll arrive at the entrance to Playa Nacascolo. From there, the actual beach is just five minutes by foot down the boardwalk. Alternatively, there are also kayaking tours that take visitors through Culebra Bay into Playa Nacascolo, as well as jet ski trips that make a quick stop over there.

Other tips for a great beach day

One of the most important things to keep in mind when visiting Playa Nacascolo is that there are no vendors or shops on the beach. This means that you'll want to bring all of your food and drinks for the day with you — as well as toys, sunscreen, and even snorkeling equipment — to avoid any inconveniences. There are plenty of shaded areas away from the water, so a soft-side cooler and towel should be enough to keep your belongings and snacks cool. An umbrella is also a great option if you want to protect yourself from sunburn as you walk along the water.

As for animal lovers, they'll also be happy to know that there's plenty of local wildlife around the beach. From white-faced monkeys to coatis, iguanas, and birds, you're in for a treat. Be warned, however, that the monkeys can get handsy and aggressive if there's food around. Make sure you keep your children at a safe distance, and keep all of your food tucked away in bags or containers to avoid being a victim of monkey theft.

Once you've had your fill, simply gather your belongings and walk back to the entrance of Playa Nacascolo where a security guard will call the shuttle to pick you up and drive you back to the parking lot. All in a day's sand-covered bliss!