Grab A Pool Noodle For Your RV's Refrigerator And Thank Us Later

Believe it or not, pool noodles are the unsung heroes of RV living, as there are many ways they can be repurposed to make the most out of your space. Since they are so lightweight, they are easy to store and won't weigh down your vehicle. According to RV Lifestyle, pool noodles are as useful as duct tape to take with you on the road.

While pool noodles are handy to stop things from banging around or getting damaged while you're driving, one of RV Lifestyle's top tips is to put one in your fridge. You can cut them down and put them on the edge of the shelves to prevent food and drink items from falling off and breaking. If you have any fragile items, like wine or beer bottles, then use a split-in-half noodle to give them extra protection against any bumps in the road. Noodles can also be used as a barrier between things that may clang together.

How to use a pool noodle in your kitchen

A pool noodle can be used to protect the corners of surfaces in your RV, especially in places like the kitchen. This way, you can be sure you won't hurt yourself if you knock into them, and you'll also protect the RV itself if you've done it up to sell and want to avoid any scuff marks, which may reduce its value. The Family Handyman also advises using noodles to secure your cutlery organizer within the draw. Simply cut the noodle down to the right size and insert it between the tray and the draw to stop the tray from moving around and spilling knives and forks everywhere.

To keep your pool noodles safe when you're not in transit, take several pieces of string or cord and attach them to the top of your kitchen cabinets. This will make a rack that you can thread your noodles through to keep them secure when they're not in use.