This Mississippi Vacation Spot Is The Ultimate Couples Retreat For Glampers

Planning a couple's vacation is an exciting delight. You get to look forward to spending time with someone you love in a place that's new and exciting. It's great for reconnecting or getting to know each other more. Regardless of your intention heading into the vacation, you have to acknowledge how important the setting is. It contributes to the mood of the trip and can make or break it. If you're looking for a place that'll please you aesthetically and offer you plenty to do, then you'll want to book a couples' stay at The Lodge at Sweetwater Studios in Moselle, Mississippi.

This lodge offers a glamping experience like no other. You'll find everything you need on the 26 acres of land, plus accommodations that offer simple luxury. "This place is a treasure. The property is beautiful and thoughtful. There are the fingerprints of someone who cares all [over] the place," a reviewer wrote on Google. "[...] Can't say enough great things about this place."

Glampsite amenities

If you're a couple who loves nature, art, or both, then The Lodge at Sweetwater Studios is the ideal place for you. You'll have nature trails you can embark on and an artist studio for you to create in. If you're looking to connect with yourself and surroundings, you'll be able to do a yoga class in the spacious yoga dome. Additionally, you'll have a beautiful pool located inside of a greenhouse that's perfect for relaxing in. There's also a sauna and a hot tub. All of this is surrounded by 1,800 square feet of lush tropical plants.

As for the main setting — the glamping tents — you'll find colorful, simple decorations and comfy beds inside a white canvas tent. You'll also have your own private bathroom located just outside of your tent. If you want to cuddle by the fire, you can do so with the personal fire pit. You'll have the perfect mix of community and privacy when you go glamping here, meaning you can mingle with other couples and artists or retreat to your tent and spend time together.

A humble beginning

Airon Whitt, the owner of The Lodge at Sweetwater Studios, initially worked in the travel industry but was forced to leave it behind when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. She returned to her hometown where she found inspiration for the glampground. "I found myself wondering just what I was going to do. [The pandemic] forced me to move back here," she told Mississippi Today. "But out of that nightmare, my dream took shape. The Lodge at Sweetwater Studios was born."

Since then, they've hosted various retreats for artists and those who love yoga. You can come even if it's not for a retreat. The place has seen numerous couples come and enjoy the slice of luxury in the Mississippi forests. This place proves that you don't need to leave the country for a safari-style glamping trip, and that's just the way Whitt wanted it. Next time you're looking for a U.S. glamping trip with your partner, consider this glorious getaway spot.