What To Do When You First Get To Your Destination According To Samantha Brown

The feeling of packing up your bags, hailing a cab to the airport, and taking a trip just can't be matched, especially when you're headed somewhere new. Whether you're excited about hitting up beautiful restaurants, figuring out what unique souvenirs to bring back, or looking to chase thrills on an exciting outdoor adventure, arriving at your destination opens up a world of possibilities and opportunities.

However, there are certain precautions you should always take before you can hit the ground running. According to Samantha Brown, travel expert, writer, and owner of the popular TV show-turned-blog "Samantha Brown's Places to Love," it's all about connecting and finding ways to make your stay even more comfortable. Once that's done, the rest will follow. After all, the right start can set the tone for the rest of your trip. And who wouldn't want to take all the necessary steps to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable experience? Not you, that's for sure.

Buy a local SIM card

First things first, Brown's blog suggests that you snag yourself a local SIM card or purchase an eSIM — most phones and tablets support these nowadays — as soon as you land. That way, you don't have to worry about how you'll get online when you need to or, even more irritating, dash around looking for spotty public WiFi networks that feel both unsafe and unreliable.

Instead, having a local SIM card means that you can easily access any of the information you already have on your phone — think hotel reservations and banking, rideshare, and messaging apps. It allows you to reach out to your accommodation host or local guide if you need additional directions or recommendations. Oh, and better yet: using a local SIM means you won't get stuck with any unexpected roaming charges that can quickly and painfully add up to a hefty bill once you're back home. Plus, once you're connected, you can even download additional travel apps to help you organize your trip's itinerary so you don't miss anything — whether it's a flight or a must-visit foodie hotspot — while you're there.

Make it your home away from home

Once you're connected and have, ideally, found your way to your accommodation, Brown also writes about making things feel as comfortable and "homey" as possible. From unpacking your suitcase to using the hotel drawers, setting up a workspace, and finding the perfect balance between the hot and cold taps in the shower, transforming the once-sterile space into your own little travel haven can make a massive difference. Think about it this way, you wouldn't settle for an uncomfortable living space back at home. So why do it in a hotel room where everything's already provided? Just make sure you triple-check everything when you check out of the hotel. You wouldn't want to forget any of your belongings!

In line with this, you'll also want to make sure you feel safe. Make sure you check the locks on doors and windows — there are even portable locks you can travel with — and use the safe for certain valuables that you don't need every day. Safety is an integral part of comfort and peace of mind, and there's nothing that can ruin a trip easier than feeling vulnerable in your own space.