Plan A European Couples Getaway To This Charming Germany Town

When you find your partner in life, making sure you set aside quality time to take adventures together is important. Planning a romantic couples getaway is a wonderful route to making new memories and enjoying each other's company in beautiful surroundings. When you're looking for a vacation destination with easy access to beautiful scenery, fun, and flavors to experience, you'll find it waiting for you in Fussen, Germany.

This charming European town is in the heart of Bavaria and, according to Germany Insider Facts, it's home to just 15,200 residents which includes incorporated surrounding villages. When you plan a romantic getaway for two to Fussen, there's an undeniable sense you've stepped into the pages of a storybook. The town is made up of pastel buildings that rise over cobblestone streets. You don't have to wander far to find savory eateries to dine at or local bakeries to browse in this medieval town overlooking the River Lech.

Even if you were to simply stroll through Fussen hand-in-hand, you would likely find your surroundings saturated with romantic appeal. Here, rolling green hills and meadows make up the local landscape. Turn your eyes to the south of Fussen and you'll find the impressive peaks of the Alps towering in the distance. If you happen to be heading here in the winter, you can typically count on a glittering topping of snow covering all of the gabled architecture in town.

Explore Old Town, eateries, and Hohe Schloss

Perhaps part of what makes Fussen so appealing for couples looking to enjoy a European getaway to Germany is that it's a destination where the past and the present are seamlessly woven together. Fussen has a history dating back to the Roman era and feelings of old-world charm are effortlessly infused into the architecture, landscapes, and flavors available to enjoy with every visit. A prime example is found in Fussen's Old Town where couples can dine at modern, locally-owned restaurants that are surrounded by ancient and beautiful baroque churches. Souvenir shops and bookstores sit side-by-side with basilicas and museums that hold a variety of medieval artifacts within their very walls.

In Fussen, accessing amazing views to pair with your dinner of choice is a simple task. Destinations like Restaurant Riviera serve delicious dishes featuring Italian and German blends, but it might just be the lake view from the dining room that's the highlight of your meal. If you're looking for romantic castles to visit during your German getaway, Fussen doesn't disappoint. The town is home to the High Castle of Fussen, known locally as Hohe Schloss, which looms impressively over Old Town. Within the late-gothic structure of the High Castle of Fussen, visitors will find a museum hosting a stunning collection of illusionary paintings to browse.

Experience castles, cascades, and carriage rides

Couples heading to Fussen in the name of spending quality time together won't want to overlook the fact that the town sits directly on what is known as Germany's Romantic Road. It's an integral part of a path that extends to Wurzburg and follows a route once used by the Romans. This location also means couples have easy and inviting access to touring breathtaking castles nearby.

Much to the delight of visitors from across the map, both Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle are well within reach of Fussen. Neuschwanstein Castle is found in the neighboring town of Schwangau which is no more than a 6-minute drive from Fussen. It's the very castle rumored to be the inspiration behind the Sleeping Beauty castle that Disney made famous in its film. If you want to enhance the romance of the journey, there are even options to book horse carriage rides from the Hotel Muller that depart every 20 minutes for the castle in idyllic fairytale style.

Another great stop for couples to make sure they add to their itinerary in Fussen is Lechfall. About a 15-minute walk from the center of town, Lechfall is a beautiful manmade waterfall featuring striking turquoise cascades. It can be admired from an observation platform or from a bridge that runs directly over the falls. Afterward, enjoy a cocktail or a dinner at Steakhaus Fussen which is also a tapas bar and provides guests prime riverfront viewing.