Kick Your Shoes Off And Relax At This Picture-Perfect New England Beach Destination

Cape Cod is one of the most famous summer beach destinations on the East Coast. This iconic peninsula protruding from the coast of Massachusetts offers visitors over 550 miles of breathtaking beachfront to explore. The area is chock-full of beautiful beaches, but one of the most adored is Mayflower Beach. In fact, in 2023, U.S. News named Mayflower the best beach in all of Cape Cod. Situated in Dennis, Massachusetts, along Cape Cod Bay, Mayflower Beach sits between Nobscusset Point and Chapin Beach.

On this particular stretch of seashore, you'll find a picturesque oasis. With snow-white sand and pristine ocean water, visitors to Mayflower Beach are surrounded by natural beauty everywhere they look. Between the beach's spacious lounging area, convenient amenities, and proximity to Dennis' dining and entertainment, Mayflower Beach is hard to beat. It's an ideal spot for families, couples, and solo vacationers looking for a little slice of beachside bliss.

Why Mayflower Beach is so special

There are a handful of reasons why, out of all the fantastic options in Cape Cod, Mayflower Beach gets singled out with praise. One of the beach's most beloved features is that it has extremely low tide patterns. Because of this major ebbing, miles of sand become exposed for guests to stroll along every day. Imagine watching the sunset and being able to walk into the ocean without the water ever going past your ankles. 

If you have young kids, you can take a break from holding their hand in the ocean and instead let them enjoy splashing about safely in the tide pools that form during low tide. Another benefit that visitors love about Mayflower's low tide is that it provides them with plenty of space, despite the crowds flocking to this idyllic destination.

Not only does the tide provide a handful of benefits, but the general setup of Mayflower Beach really makes a trip to its shores a breeze. If you have a car with you, you don't have to worry about driving in circles looking for a spot. The beach has a paid parking lot just beside its boardwalk. An if that doesn't make the beach day easy enough, you'll also find picnic benches, bathrooms, a snack bar, and a lifeguard on duty.

Things to do around Mayflower Beach

Spending a day soaking up the sun at Mayflower Beach is truly the perfect way to relax and unwind. What's nice is that the area surrounding this stretch of paradise is also full of great accommodations, dining, and entertainment. Once the sun has set and you've worked up an appetite, you can drive just five minutes into charming Dennis Village and sit down for a tasty dinner. 

For casual walk-ins and a homey, New England vibe, we recommend you get a table at Scargo Cafe. For a taste of the local talent, check out the calendar at The Cape Playhouse and buy tickets for a show. If you're not much of a live theatre person, sit back, enjoy popcorn, and catch a movie at the Cape Cinema.

You can count on this charming little village to keep you busy and well-fed. After a relaxing day at Mayflower Beach and fun-filled night at Dennis, you'll be content and ready to crash. We can guarantee you'll sleep soundly at the Isaiah Hall Bed & Breakfast. Just a short walk from Dennis Village and a four-minute drive from Mayflower Beach, this cozy, top-rated B&B will be the cherry on top of your stay in the Cape.