Experience Breathtaking Hiking Adventures At This Underrated European Destination

Not only does the Trolltunga hike have the coolest name in the world, but it also has unforgettable scenery that will stay with you for your entire life. This gorgeous terrain, with its jagged peaks and alpine lake, is an acclaimed site for thrill enthusiasts. Trolltunga, which means "Troll's Tongue" in Norwegian, is a scenic rock formation that extends horizontally over a fjord, resembling a giant stone tongue.

Posing on this rock for a photo is one of the most awe-inspiring selfies you will ever take — just don't go too close to the edge! The hike is a full day from whichever point you choose to start, but you will be rewarded with views of Lake Ringedalsvatnet and its surrounding rock formations. It is a must-visit destination for hikers, but it is still important to prepare before you go, as this is a challenging walk with ever-changing weather conditions to consider.

What to know before you hike Trolltunga

It is important to choose the right time of year to visit Norway, as snow conditions mean that hikes are sometimes canceled in the winter. The inclement weather means that from 1 October to 31 May, a guide is required to undertake the hike with you. From 1 June to 30 September, experienced hikers can go it alone, but a guide is still recommended. You need a good fitness level and proper clothing, including sturdy hiking boots, waterproof coats, and trousers. 

The Trolltunga authorities recommend bringing an emergency bivouac shelter, as well as your phone and a power bank to charge it if you need to call for help. You will also need to bring along food and water and a bag to put all your rubbish in, including used toilet paper, as there are no bins. Once you have everything, there are three car parks that you can start from: Tyssedal, Skjeggedal, and Mågelitopp, with the first being the furthest away from Trolltunga.

How to hike to Trolltunga

The hike is 23.5 miles from Tyssedal, a 15-hour round-trip, and 16.5 miles from Skjeggedal, which is 8 to 12 hours of trekking. From Mågelitopp, it is 12.5 miles or 7 to 10 hours of hiking in total. If you don't want to drive to these car parks, there is a shuttle bus from the nearby town of Odda. As it is a long day, it is essential to set off before 8 a.m. so you don't lose light on the descent. There is a slightly longer window in June and July; otherwise, it is worth packing a torch so you don't slip down.

On the trail are three emergency shelters and places to get drinking water if needed. If you want your hike to be extra-special, the authorities occasionally have days where you can have a wedding on the Trolltunga rock! As you'll be tired after your trek, it may be worth booking a couple of days in a cabin, hotel, or at a campground near Odda geared toward hikers. You can even stay in a treehouse if you're feeling particularly adventurous. After this rewarding hike, a cold beer or a relaxing swim in your hotel is just the ticket to celebrate reaching the mighty Trolltunga.