TikTok's Essential Tips For Staying Warm While Camping In The Winter

Camping season generally stretches between April and October, when warmer days and longer hours of sunlight make the great outdoors more comfortable to enjoy. However, winter camping doesn't have to be off-limits — sipping fireside hot chocolate and getting cozy under the stars can be extra comforting when there's a nip in the air.

Still, wintertime camping comes with the risk of becoming dangerously cold. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hypothermia, where the body loses heat more quickly than it can produce it, can occur any time you're exposed to cold temperatures. Even temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit (about 4 degrees Celsius) can be cold enough to trigger hypothermia, especially if the skin becomes moist from rain or sweat.

To help you get more time in nature — without freezing — TikToker @laurengastineau shared her top tips for keeping warm in your tent with Columbia Sportswear. Her first piece of advice: Dress appropriately. The avid hiker and camper says she always dresses in layers when out in the winter. This includes wearing a base layer, warm waterproof pants, and multiple layers of outerwear. She also gives tips for staying toasty while sleeping, starting with packing a separate set of base layers and socks to use as pajamas.

More tips for staying warm while you sleep

The toughest part of camping in the winter is arguably the time after the sun sets and the temperature starts to dip. It's crucial that your core body temperature doesn't dip with it, especially when you're snoozing away in your tent. In her TikTok with Columbia Sportswear, content creator @laurengastineau suggests tucking a warm water bottle in your sleeping bag to generate extra heat. Just boil hot water before bedtime and pour it into a bottle while it's still warm.

Another sleeping bag tip is to avoid tucking your face into your bag at night. As the TikToker explains, breathing into the sleeping bag can trap condensation, which can make it easier to lose body heat. Instead, zip your sleeping bag up, leaving your face out and uncovered.

Finally, @laurengastineau recommends loading up on carb-heavy foods before going to bed. As she says, this can make it easier for your body to retain heat. There's science to back up this tip. As Barry Swanson, a professor and food scientist at Washington State University, shared with Time, complex carbs and foods containing rice and cereal can be warming because the body has to work harder to digest them. According to Healthline, other warming foods include soup, hot drinks, and calorie-dense meals.