This Underrated Caribbean Island Is A Great Spot For A Crowd-Free Beach Vacation

While the Caribbean can seem flooded with tourists, there is one island that still feels untouched and relatively under-the-radar, and that is Tobago. The smaller island of Trinidad and Tobago is located at the bottom of the tropical archipelago, close to South America. It is only 120 square miles in size, so you can see as much or as little of the island as you like. Trinidad is known for its Caribbean culture like its famous Carnival, but Tobago is more low-key.

According to Rough Guides, Tobago is still blissfully unspoiled, as it has experienced much less development than neighboring Caribbean islands. Some of Tobago's many beaches, like Parlatuvier Beach and Bloody Bay, are so quiet and peaceful that, at times, you will only be sharing them with local fishermen. Nature lovers will rejoice here, as through the center of the island is the Main Ridge Forest Reserve where you can hike, explore beaches, and spot wildlife. Importantly for those looking to relax, there are great resorts to stay at where you can adjust to the Tobago pace of life, with a cocktail in hand.   

Where to stay in Tobago

Tobago island has an area to suit all tastes, whether it is nightlife, relaxation, or somewhere offering family-friendly ocean fun. Scarborough is the best place to immerse yourself in Tobago's culture, as it is quintessentially Caribbean and doesn't have a touristy vibe. However, you can have the best of both worlds as the suburb of Bacolet has great hotels and Bacolet Bay Beach. Crown Point is a great base for those who love beaches, as it is also only a 30-minute walk from Tobago's famously scenic Pigeon Point.

Tropikist Beach Hotel & Resort is the best value accommodation to stay on the entire island according to Tripadvisor reviews, and it is conveniently located at Crown Point. The second best value resort is Coco Reef Resort & Spa at Pigeon Point, which is great if you want to wake up to that picturesque view every morning. Family-friendly Black Rock is perfect for a diversity of interests, as it offers activities to suit different tastes — whether that is peacefully snorkeling with turtles or the thrill of surfing the waves.

Things to do in Tobago

Unsurprisingly, the most popular activity in Tobago is visiting Pigeon Point, but the best time to come here is in the evening to watch the sun setting over the ocean. Nearby is the Nylon Pool which has crystal waters where you can swim, snorkel, or take a glass-bottom boat to see the wildlife pass by underneath. Some other beautiful but quieter beaches are Englishman's Bay, Castara Bay, Pirate's Bay and Store Bay.

Marine lovers should head to Buccoo Reef to see tropical fish feeding on the corals that surround the Nylon Pool. Just off the coast of Tyrrel's Bay is the "Little Tobago" island, which is now a nature reserve teaming with the island's red-billed tropic birds. It is such an important destination that David Attenborough actually filmed here for his TV series, "Trials of Life." If you want to stretch your legs, there are trails to be hiked in the Main Ridge Forest Reserve (or simply take a walk along the beaches). As Tobago is such a peaceful island, you'll certainly be able to hear the birds sing, as you may have some of the trails all to yourself.