This West Coast Village Is A Great Spot For Wildlife Viewing And Fishing

Finding a destination where you can balance the best of nature with easy access to city life is delightfully easy to do when you travel to the state of Washington. Known for its lush and dynamic terrain that somehow seamlessly blends into vibrant urban settings, Washington offers plenty of reasons for visitors to return time and time again. If you're heading this way and looking to add some truly spectacular wildlife viewing and fishing opportunities to your itinerary, Westport happens to be the perfect choice.

Located at Grays Harbor on Point Chehalis, Westport is a scenic beach town that provides guests with a refreshingly off-the-beaten-path feeling, yet the West Coast village is actually only a little more than two hours from bustling Seattle. The ultimate small town, World Population Review put Westport's year-round resident total at just over 2,000 people.

Some travelers come to Westport for the inviting small-town charm and sense of tranquility that awaits. Others inevitably want to take advantage of exciting access to the gorgeous shorelines and make the most of a beach vacation. There are also sensational seafood options to savor in town, and plenty of wildlife watching to include on your lineup of activities.

Watching wildlife from sea to sky

Westport is a place where wildlife thrives. It's a haven of opportunity for those who enjoy inspiring encounters with some truly incredible creatures. Westport has even earned a reputation as one of the top places in Washington to see Pacific gray whales.

Between March and May, Pacific gray whales migrate through Westport waters as they make their way north. This is the ideal timeframe for travelers to book a whale-watching tour and set their sights on these massive marine creatures. It's an experience that's sure to thrill as Pacific gray whales can grow up to 45 feet long and can weigh anywhere from 30 to 40 tons.

Many of the local whale-watching tours depart from the marina in Westport, a location that itself provides options for uniquely connecting with wildlife. That's because the marina docks are frequently dotted with harbor seals and sea lions looking to catch some easy rays. If you don't happen to see them here, there are miles of beaches to explore in Westport that are just as popular with the local seal and sea lion populations.

For travelers who have a heart for birding, Westport welcomes thousands of shorebirds annually looking to take advantage of easy access to tidal flats. The migration seasons of fall and spring are generally best for viewing opportunities. Some of the many species you're likely to spot here include cormorants, bald eagles, blue herons, gulls, sandpipers, tufted puffins, and pelicans.

Fantastic fishing opportunities

Once you've had your fill of wildlife watching, including deer, black bear, elk, and raccoon sightings in and around Twin Harbors State Park, it's time to move on to fishing-focused fun. Whether you want to cast a line in deep waters or find what you're looking for near the shore, Westport has options for it all. A particularly popular activity here among locals and visitors alike is razor clamming.

Razor clams can grow up to 6 inches long and are a highly desirable shellfish found across Washington. Westport is rich in razor clams, and finding them only requires a valid fishing license, a clam shovel or tube, and patiently scouring the shoreline. Westport designates community clam-dig days to bring shellfish enthusiasts together.

If you prefer to try your luck at reeling your fish in, Half Moon Bay in Westport Light State Park is a good place to start. Deeper waters near the coastline of Westport are home to halibut, salmon, albacore tuna, and crab alike. Consider booking a fishing charter if you're setting your sights further out, as having a local guide at your side can maximize your chances of success.

A simple stroll down to the Westport Marina District provides visitors with an opportunity to watch local fishing boats head out into open waters nearly all day long. Here, you can spend time browsing local seafood selections available to purchase as well. This area is also open for dropping crab pots if you're interested in giving it a try.