This Beautiful And Historic Town Is A Great Spot For European Couples Getaway

Europe is brimming with romantic destinations. Between its dreamy cobblestone roads and rich culture and arts scene, beauty abounds, enchanting couples across the continent. For the ideal couple's trip in Europe, head to Basel, Switzerland. Sitting on the Rhine River in the north of the country, Basel lies adjacent to the border of Germany, France, and Switzerland. This cultural melting pot is dense with history and covered in stunning architecture.

The pristine Rhine River weaves through Basel's rows of colorful buildings, rustic town squares, and unforgettable landmarks. Art lovers will find inspiration in Basel's numerous museums and galleries, housing priceless masterpieces from renowned artists from around the world. In the evening, Basel transforms into a romantic wonderland as the city lights reflect off the Rhine River, creating a magical ambience. Couples can enjoy a leisurely dinner at one of the gourmet restaurants along the riverbank, savoring delectable Swiss food and drink.

Things to do in Basel, Switzerland with your significant other

Strolling along Basel's charming streets is a romantic activity all on its own. But on top of the general allure of the city's ambience, Basel offers a long list of fun activities for you and your partner to enjoy together. Considered the museum capital of Switzerland, Basel offers around 40 different museums to stroll through. Make sure to check out Fondation Beyeler, the most visited museum in the country. Take in world-famous art from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries including the works of revolutionary artists including Monet, Picasso, and Rousseau.

If you're looking for some time to relax with your loved one, Basel also has a variety of renowned spas to choose from. Perhaps the most unique of this selection is the Sauna Am Rhy. Located right in the heart of the city on the Rhine River, Sauna Am Rhy offers an aromatic sauna experience, access to swimming in the Rhine River, an on-site bistro, and more. 

Romantic hotels in Basel, Switzerland

For an all-around wonderful vacation, make sure to book a hotel at one of Basel's luxury hotels. Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois offers one of the city's most exquisite stays. This five-star hotel on the Rhine River has hosted famous guests like Empress Michiko of Japan, James Joyce, and Pablo Picasso. Although, whoever you are, you and your partner can expect to be treated like royalty. They have plenty of practice in hospitality — in addition to being one of Europe's nicest hotels, it's also one of its oldest and was founded in 1681. 

Attached to the Les Trois Rois, you'll also find one of the city's most delectable restaurants, The Cheval Blanc. Boasting 3 Michelin stars, a meal here is practically guaranteed to be mouthwatering. There's really no better way to show your partner love than a delectable dinner for two.

If you're in search of something a little more casual but just as romantic, we recommend you book a room at the Hotel Villa Elben. This adorable bed and breakfast sits just outside the city center in a quiet, green landscape. And though you can get the serenity of a city escape, the villa is just a convenient 20-minute train from Basel's main attractions.