This Region In The Midwest Is A Great Spot To Hit On Your Next RV Camping Adventure

The Black Hills region in South Dakota is a beautiful and unique place. You'll find lovely landscapes that vary from canyons to prairies to forests, as well as hundreds of streams and multiple lakes. At night, you'll have a spectacular view of hundreds of sparkling stars in the night sky. During the day, ample opportunities help you delve into nature, be it by hiking, swimming, or a variety of other land and water activities. You might just decide it's one of the best places to go camping

The region covers over 100 miles of land and once served as hunting grounds and sacred land for the Lakota, Dakota, Western Sioux, Cheyenne, Arapaho, and other Native American nations. Its name comes from the Lakota words "Paha Sapa," which essentially translates to "Black Hills." Nowadays, it's preserved as the Black Hills National Forest. However, there are ongoing disputes about who has rights to the land between the United States government and the Indigenous nations that once had claim to them. You can visit the National Park and see for yourself the beauty of the land and learn its history.

Camping details

The Black Hills in South Dakota is a camper's delight, with 30 campgrounds to choose from, most of which have potable water. For those who are used to hookups like electricity and sewage, you're unfortunately out of luck. None of the campsites have such hookups, so you'll have to embrace a more rustic style of camping. With all the fun and engaging activities and incredible scenery, though, you'll likely find that it's worth the sacrifice.

Overnight rates for camping vary from campground to campground and depend on the time of year you're visiting. Typically, they cost between $18 and $24 per night. You can visit and camp any time of year, but note that many campgrounds close for the off-season, meaning your selection will dwindle in the winter months. May to September is peak season, and reservations are accepted. Book your campsite far in advance to ensure you get the spot you desire.

Fun things to explore

The Black Hills National Forest is a great place to spend your days. Hike or bike along some of the 450 miles of trails throughout the area, or take a dip in one of the 14 lakes. If you love water activities, you can try your hand at fly fishing. You can also head out onto the water via canoe, paddleboard, or kayak. If you enjoy history, you can visit the Crazy Horse Memorial, made to commemorate the Oglala Lakota warrior Crazy Horse, and the Indian Museum of North America to learn about Native American history. Visit Mount Rushmore, which is also nearby. It is free and is worth a pit stop.

When you find yourself looking for your next great camping adventure, call ahead and reserve a spot at Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota. You'll find adventure and beauty as well as fun during your time in the vast Black Hills region.