Take A Relaxing Beachside Vacation At This Underrated Florida Destination

While the East Coast beaches of Florida often draw in the crowds, the West Coast has plenty of laid-back fun to offer tourists. There is much to see on the improbable spit of land which encircles the city of Tampa. In the center of the barrier island, adjacent to Tampa Bay is the delightful beach town of Indian Shores, a jewel in the crown of Pinellas County.

Even though this beach is close to many Florida hotspots, it is far enough away for you to still get away from it all. Its unique location means that you could spend your entire trip just exploring its intriguing coastline. Wildlife abounds in the labyrinth of water bodies that surround Indian Shores, and slowing down means that you will see more of it. From April to October, you can even see manatees swimming past, and it doesn't get much slower than that. If you want to unwind in nature and fall asleep listening to ocean waves, then there are many reasons why Indian Shores is for you.

When and how to visit Indian Shores

Although Indian Shores is a year-round destination, it may be more relaxing to visit outside of peak times. Like much of Florida, it is busy in Summer so avoid July and August for a more peaceful beach experience. Unless you like it hot, October to May is the best time to visit when temperatures are more comfortable. Tampa Bay International Airport is the best-served transport hub for the area and it is only a 35-minute drive from there to Indian Shores.

One of the plus points of staying at Indian Shores is that almost all of the accommodations are on the beach or the water, so you wake up with soothing coastal sounds. When you get here, our advice is to ditch your car as the best way to get around here is under your own steam. As it is so relaxing, you could also choose to do nothing at all. Regardless if you plan for an active vacation or one that is more restful, make sure to bring your swimsuit as many of the activities involve the beach or the water!

Things to do in Indian Shores

The number one thing to do in Indian Shores is relax — there are plenty of activities that don't involve too much effort. However, the peninsula is also a hub of activity and in keeping with much of Florida, there is fun for all of the family to be found here. For fun on the water, you can book a boat tour or rent a boat, kayak, or paddleboard and explore The Narrows, which is the body of water behind Indian Shores. For those who prefer dry land, the barrier island is equally picturesque, and you can rent a bike or scooter to traverse up and down it. There are 27 public beaches to explore to the north and south, including Indian Rocks Beach and Clearwater Beach.

While you may see many seabirds passing over while you sunbathe, you can get closer to them at the Seaside Seabird Sanctuary where rescued wildlife is nursed back to health. If you want to get closer to the ocean, then head to Pier 60 at Clearwater Beach where the 1,080-foot pier and park offers opportunities for watersports, dolphin spotting, sunset viewing, and fishing among other activities. Whatever it is that you want to do at Indian Shores, you are bound to find a peaceful pace that suits you.