This French Amusement Park Is A Must-Visit For Comic Book Fans

In a dream come to life, Paris knows how to keep comic book lovers happy with an entire theme park dedicated to the diminutive Gallic warrior of Astérix. Astérix Park is one of the best family attractions in the city and a top 20 amusement park in the world. Astérix was first brought to life in the French comic "Pilote" in 1959, and his story, set in the Roman Empire, has stayed relevant to cartoon lovers ever since. Called Parc Astérix in French, the theme park is 22 miles north of Paris and spans six eras, or to stay on theme, universes — the Gaul, the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, Egypt, the Vikings, and a through-time zone.

There are 53 rides and attractions to suit different ages and 19 different shows and live experiences to watch and take part in. To immerse yourself in the world of Astérix fully, check into the three hotels in the park: Les Trois Hiboux, La Cité Suspendue, and Les Quais de Lutèce. As a bonus, guests at these establishments get to enter the park 30 minutes before the general public.

What is there to do at Astérix Park?

Astérix Park is designed to be safely enjoyed by people of all ages, so the park rides are divided into three categories — thrills, all the family, and young Gauls. Thrills include the high-octane rollercoasters and scare experiences, the most famous being the Pégase Express, a rollercoaster that travels through the Astérix universe before throwing itself back into reverse. Young Gaul rides are suitable for younger children, with four play areas to occupy them. The family-friendly rides include a log flume, small rollercoasters, river rapids, a cruise ship, and an immersive Astérix exhibition where they can draw their favorite characters.

Dedicated scare attractions like a Catacombs replica and La Colère d'Anubis set in ancient Egypt are both haunted by 'bad spirits' and designed to give you the fright of your life! If you need a sit down after all that, the show schedule includes acrobatic performances, demonstrations, ghost stories, pirates, and Romans. There are also character meet and greets and seasonal shows around Christmas and Halloween. Astérix Park also has a 4D cinema showing the film Attention Menhir, which offers a fully interactive experience of noises, movement, wind, water, and smells to alarm all your senses.

Everything else you need to know about Astérix Park

The easiest way to get to Astérix Park is by car or taxi via the motorway, which is toll-free, but there is a €20.00 ($21) fee for parking. The cheapest ticket to the park is a dated ticket booked in advance, which is €48 ($51) for a child aged 3 to 11 and €51 ($54) for an adult. An undated ticket is more expensive, but you don't need to reserve your date until the day before. A premium ticket includes a queue jump and lunch for €219 ($231) for an adult and €189 ($199) for a child. The park sometimes has offers, as does the Paris Pass, so it's worth checking the website for discounts.

Astérix Park is open Sunday to Monday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Weekend entry might vary with the season, so it is always worth checking in advance. It also has special opening times for Halloween, Christmas, New Year, and other events, including late nights. There are plenty of places to eat, with 15 restaurants and kiosks dotted around the park, covering everything from sandwiches to buffets, ice creams, and even wild boar meat. For those who find navigating theme parks confusing or want to avoid the crowds, there is the Parc Astérix app. It allows you to organize your day by booking restaurants and rides, as well as pinning the location of your car!