Visit One Of The World's Top Wildlife Destinations At This India National Park

Ranthambore National Park, in Sawai Madhopur, India, sprawls out over 515 square miles. Within its boundaries, you'll find endangered wildlife species and gorgeous views. If you're a nature lover, this is the ideal spot for you because you can walk the trails and witness the hundreds of plant and animal species residing in the park. One of the most beloved and endangered animals in the region is the Bengal tiger. There are more than 80 of them in the national park, which also serves as an animal sanctuary. In addition to these rare tigers, you'll find sloths, leopards, turtles, and many more animals.

History lovers, this park also has something special for you. You'll find an ancient, abandoned fort that stretches out for four miles and harbors other structures within its walls, all of which you can explore. If you're more intrigued by culture, you can visit the Trinetra Ganesh Temple, which is still active and open to Hindu worshipers and other visitors alike. The temple was built centuries ago, making it one of the oldest standing temples in the area.

Safaris in the park

The lush expanse that is now Ranthambore National Park once served as royal hunting grounds. It became a national park and tiger reserve in 1980 and has been a sanctuary for animals and a wonder for visitors ever since.

One of the best ways to take in the park is by going on a safari, which is great for adventure lovers. You can choose between half-day and full-day trips where you'll delve into the jungle in an off-road vehicle with a driver and an informative guide. Ranthambore Safari Journeys offers a popular tour that lasts for just three hours, which is perfect if you want to see and learn about the park and have a safari experience without dedicating your entire day to it.

For longer day trips, VWI Tours offers one that picks you up and drops you off in the neighboring city of Jaipur. During the tour in Ranthambore, you'll immerse yourself in nature as you observe wildlife from the vehicle. If you want a more in-depth experience, you can also book a multi-day tour directly through the park.

Accommodations and prices

After being out in nature all day, you may want a slice of luxury at night, and the surrounding resorts give you just that. The Clarks Hotel and Resort is located near the park and offers the options of luxury tents, cottages, and regular hotel rooms. The Juna Mahal Boutique Hotel offers spacious rooms with luxury comforts and features a garden to stroll through and a pool to swim in. 

The national park is closed from July to September due to the monsoon weather, but open the rest of the year. Admission prices vary from about $8 to  $20 depending on which part of the park you're entering. The national park's large variety of wildlife and historical sites make it a worthwhile, exciting adventure no matter your age or background. The next time you're hoping to immerse yourself in nature, make sure to add Ranthambore National Park to the top of your bucket list.