Plan A Trip To This European Destination For A Picture-Perfect Ski Vacation

Winter sports enthusiasts searching for the ultimate getaway for skiing and snowboarding should immediately put St. Moritz, Switzerland, on their bucket list. Often referred to as the birthplace of winter tourism, St. Moritz has remained a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding for over 150 years and has hosted the Winter Olympics twice. It's played a significant role in the growth of winter team sports like ice cricket and snow polo.

Nestled within the Swiss Alps in the Upper Engadine region of Switzerland, St. Moritz is a beautiful resort town and one of the top winter playgrounds for jet setters from around the world. A revolving cast of characters, including billionaires, royals, and celebrities, have frequented the charming town over the years, including Bridgette Bardot, Kate Moss, Alfred Hitchcock, and Prince Albert, to name a few.

During a winter trip to St. Moritz, you'll have the opportunity to skate on a natural ice rink, try out bobsledding, relax at five-star resorts, dine at world-class restaurants, soak in natural thermal spas, and enjoy one of the best places in the world to ski. Snow-covered peaks, glacial lakes, and plenty of sunny days, even during the winter months, guarantee that you'll have an unforgettable and picturesque ski vacation.

Hit the slopes

Regardless of your skill or experience, you'll find a variety of incredible ski and snowboard routes to enjoy during your trip. The four major ski areas include Corviglia and Piz Nair, Corvatsch and Furtschellas, and Diavolezza and Lagalb. Several smaller ski areas are also scattered around the mountains, which means there is plenty of space to spread out and shred some fresh Alpine powder.

The most popular ski area is Corviglia, which connects to the main town of St. Moritz. Beginners can enjoy the blue-level slopes, while more advanced skiers will find plenty of red and even black slopes to test their skills. To reach the tops of the mountains, hop on either the Chatarella funicular or the Marguns gondola. Both open as early as 7:45 a.m. for those who love to catch the fresh snowfall in the morning and beat the crowds.

If you're new to skiing or looking to expand your skills, consider booking a lesson at the Legend St. Moritz ski school. Choose between 2, 3, 6, or 7-hour lessons on the slopes with professional ski instructors. Prices start at around $300 and include pick up and drop off at your chosen location.

More to experience in St. Moritz

If you travel to St. Moritz by train, the journey will be one of the most epic highlights of your trip and the easiest and most convenient way to reach the town. The scenery through the Alps is spectacular; it's one of the best places in the world to travel by train. The iconic Glacier and Bernina Express routes twist through mountains, Alpine lakes, and picturesque villages. Both trains travel along a UNESCO World Heritage railway. Consider booking a first-class ticket to enjoy the carriages with panoramic windows for the best views — it's a photographer's dream come true.

Long before St. Moritz became a famous destination for winter sports, it was known for its healing thermal waters. Archeological evidence suggests that usage of these natural spas dates back over 3,500 years, and structures have been discovered that date back to 1411 B.C. The waters are rich in minerals like iron, calcium, and sodium, offering various wellness benefits. Today, visitors can enjoy therapeutic soaks in luxurious spas in many resorts and hotels around St. Moritz for the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation after a day in the mountains.

When you're not hitting the slopes, explore St. Moritz, which has plenty of delicious dining options and shops selling everything from local handmade items to luxury fashion. Winter hiking routes, beautiful natural ice-skating rinks, and plenty of opportunities to cozy up with friends and loved ones will ensure a picture-perfect winter vacation in St. Moritz.