This Western Amusement Park Is A Great Spot For Your Next Family Vacation

Family vacations can be hard to plan. You have to find something the whole family will love, which means tailoring to different interests and finding age appropriate activities for both the oldest and youngest members. One place that makes this job pretty easy is an amusement park. The rides vary from super speed to leisure, and there's always the option for food and activities that don't require getting buckled in at all. You can find something for everyone's appetite, be it for thrills or pizza.

Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington, Utah, is just the place for families to go, no matter everyone's age. They offer rides, shows, and even a swimming pool for all of their guests. The historic park has been around for more than a century, so they know a thing or two about keeping people entertained. One way they do this is by changing themes in the fall. The summer months are a typical amusement park with no extra frills, but the fall is a time for Frightmare, their Halloween theme.

Rides on land, rides for the water

The Lagoon opened in 1886 and has been providing families with days full of fun ever since. They have unique roller coasters — one, the Cannibal, that speeds up to 70 mph, and another for kids that gives them control of their movement, the Red Baron. They also offer shows for audiences that range from children to adults. The amusement park is home to the largest kiddieland in the U.S., meaning your kids will enjoy ride after ride in an area designated for them.

As for food choices, you've got plenty, including the option to bring your own food or alcohol. If you'd rather eat at the park, you can grab ice cream, corn dogs, or a full meal at a sit down restaurant.

You can have fun on land as well as in the water at the pool in Lagoon A Beach. Choose where to spend your time from the lazy river, water playground, and water slides. Lagoon A Beach is open between late May and mid August from noon to 7 p.m., and noon to 6 p.m. in late summer. Entrance to Lagoon A Beach is included in the price of admission tickets.

Prices and parking

Admission to Lagoon Amusement Park is $97.95 for individuals over 48 inches tall and $76.95 under 48 inches. If you purchase a regular rider ticket online, you get a small discount. Also note that if your child is over 48 inches they will be charged the adult price. Military discounts are applicable as well. You can get to the park by car or bike.

Cars cost $20 to park in their lot, $25 for oversized vehicles, and $30 for preferred parking. People on TripAdvisor have complained about the prices, saying that they're too expensive, as well as crowding in the park and long lines to get in. But if you're willing to face the price and crowds, you'll be in for a treat.

Next time you're looking for a family vacation that'll leave everyone satisfied, pack your bags and head to Utah for a day of adventure at Lagoon Amusement Park. Splash around in the pool, ride as many rides as you can — they have over 6o — and take it all in under the summer sun or in the spookiness of their fall theme in September and October. You won't want to miss out on the fun.