This Underrated Southeastern US Town Is Perfect For Fun Outdoor Activities

John Denver definitely knew what he was talking about when he sang the lyrics, "Almost heaven, West Virginia," in his world-famous classic, "Take Me Home, Country Roads." The lush rolling hills, slow pace of life, and friendly residents make this state a must-visit spot in the Southeastern U.S. It's especially a worthwhile trip if you are someone who loves the outdoors. With the whole state sitting within the Appalachian Mountain range, it is brimming with opportunities to get out into nature and explore.

One of the most underrated gems of the state is Fayetteville. This beautiful, quaint town sits along the New River George in Fayetteville County. Surrounded by broad-ranging mountains, gorgeous geological formations, and roaring rivers, Fayetteville is a playground for beginner and expert adventurers alike. With plenty of rental gear shops, professional outfitting guides, and local tours to choose from, you'll have everything you need to fully experience the wild landscape of West Virginia. 

Rock climbing and whitewater rafting in Fayetteville, West Virginia

Fayetteville, West Virginia has got everything and more when it comes to outdoor activities. It's probably most famous for its endless opportunities to rock climb. The region boasts a diverse range of climbing routes suitable for everyone ranging from beginner to expert. With 3,000 routes for climbing and never-ending opportunities for bouldering, Fayetteville draws in climbers from all around the country. With stunning ancient sandstone cliffs, the climbing in Fayetteville is an incredible way to explore the scenic New River Gorge.

Whitewater rafting is another exhilarating activity that Fayetteville offers. Home to both the New River Gorge and the Gauley River, Fayetteville boasts powerful rapids that provide the perfect chance for this thrilling sport. Rafters can journey through demanding rapids, experience adrenaline-spiking drops, and enjoy the rush of the river against the backdrop of the gorge's vibrant greenery. Guided tours are available for rafters of all skill sets, making it an accessible and exciting activity no matter your experience level.

More nature adventures in Fayetteville

If you're an adrenaline junkie, we've probably already convinced you that Fayetteville is well worth a visit. But if the premier rock climbing and whitewater rafting weren't enough, you should know that the city also offers base jumping along with high ropes courses. To take an obstacle course in the treetops or swing through them in ziplines, check out outfitting companies like ACE Adventure Resort or Adventures on the Gorge.

As for base jumping, it's no joke in Fayetteville. In fact, every October, the city hosts one of the largest extreme sports festivals in the world called Bridge Day. Thousands of people gather while base jumpers take their leap from the New River Gorge Bridge — an 876 ft. drop!

If you're not a daredevil, don't worry. Fayetteville has something to offer every outdoorsman. You can stay firmly planted on the ground with the hundreds of hiking and biking trails that weave throughout its surrounding wilderness. Take in the beauty of the gorge from the view on Long Point Trail, one of the city's most popular trails for both hikers and mountain bikers.