Visit This Canadian National Park For Incredible Arctic Hiking Experiences

Arctic hiking is a unique experience that truly immerses you in nature. The colder climates mean these ventures are not for the faint-hearted. For those willing to brave the cold though, the empty trails and breathtaking views are worth it.

If you're looking to truly delve into nature, and by this, we mean explore somewhere you can't use a car to get to, consider visiting the vast and beautiful Ivvavik National Park in Canada. Here, you'll be able to witness wildlife of all sorts while embarking on one of the seven trails that take you through the park. You can ease into the hike with a 90-minute trail or dive right into it and embark on a 12-hour one. There's also the thrilling option of rafting for those who prefer to explore by water rather than land. Pack a lunch and layer up before hopping on a plane to this wondrous national park that may just become a place you consider to be one of the most beautiful places in Canada.

The best way to hike and learn

Getting to Ivvavik National Park in and of itself is a unique adventure. As we mentioned, it's inaccessible by car, so you use a charter plane instead. People tend to fly out from the town of Inuvik. Once on the plane, you'll see sweeping aerial views of the land you'll soon be hiking, meaning the scenic route begins before you ever step foot in the park.

You can venture out on your own, or you can have the Ivvavik Base Camp experience. This guided camping trip includes overnight stays in a cozy cabin, hikes, and many opportunities to learn about Inuvialuit culture. The park is named after an Inuvialuktun word that translates to "a place for giving birth, a nursery," according to the Government of Canada and is the traditional home of the Inuvialuit. The Ivvavik Base Camp is a great way to honor and learn about Inuvialuit culture and the region. Choose from a five, seven, or nine-day stay. While on the trails, you'll be able to see the Firth and Sheep River, the British Mountains, and potentially wildlife like arctic foxes and caribou.

Before you go

Before you can visit Ivvavik National Park, though, you have to complete a mandatory orientation setting that goes over safety measures, ways to respect the environment, and other crucial information for your trip, according to the Government of Canada. You'll also have to register and deregister your trip and get your fishing permits if you plan on fishing anywhere in the park. While there are quite a few steps to finish before you go, they are ultimately for your benefit. To enter the park, after you finish all the other materials, you have to pay an entrance fee. It costs $31.75 CAD for adults 18 to 65 per night and is free for those 17 and under.

This park is a must-visit for nature lovers, so, the next time you're itching to get out and hike, plan to spend a couple of days in Ivvavik National Park for a unique outdoor experience.