This Mexican Beach Is The Perfect Spot For Beginner Surfers

Puerto Escondido, an idyllic beach town in Oaxaca, is consistently ranked as one of Mexico's top surf breaks. While several of the breaks may be intimidating for those just testing the waters of surf life, Playa Carrizalillo is a match made in heaven for rookies in Mexico's surfing community. Situated on the southern tip of Puerto Escondido lies the peaceful sheltered cove of Playa Carrizalillo with white sandy shores and turquoise waters.

With gentle waves, soft sand, and weak currents, it's no surprise the break draws surfers from around the globe, searching for a taste of freedom without taking on mavericks. After catching some waves, make your way toward the outer rim of the crescent-shaped bay, where green foliage and coconut palms meet trendy beach bars and tiki huts. Unlike other Oaxacan beaches in remote regions, Playa Carrizalillo is known for its proximity to local restaurants and the downtown area. The assortment of dining options adds to its increasing popularity, particularly among novice surfers.

Know the details of Playa Carrizalillo's surfscape

Many of the neighboring beaches in Oaxaca boast waves up to 40 and 50 feet. Luckily, the swells making their way into Playa Carrizalillo's sheltered cove remain much lower. Surfers will see the largest waves from March to October, with summer promising the best surfing conditions. Never picked up a board before? An ideal beginner's surf spot, Playa Carrizalillo provides multiple opportunities for first-timers to rent surfboards and take lessons. The ability to rent boards is a convenient amenity at this break. The steep staircase down to the shoreline can prove intense when navigating the narrow steps with a heavy board.

According to Puerto Surf, the waters average a gorgeous 81 degrees with no need for a wetsuit to stay warm. The tropical conditions take both stress and expense off of newcomers who may not yet have their own wetsuits. Visiting surfers will also appreciate the host of marine life, from sea turtles to various species of tropical fish. The flourishing fauna means snorkeling is also a popular activity to view wildlife up close and personal. If snorkeling is not your thing, you will most likely still be able to catch a glimpse of sea creatures from atop your board.