This Stunning Cruise Itinerary Allows You To See The Best Of Northern Europe

Cruising has long been a popular way to travel. According to Cruise Market Watch, the global ocean cruise industry saw passenger numbers increase at a rate of over 6.5% annually between 1990 and 2019. In 2023, Statista is forecasting around 31.5 million people from across the globe to cruise.

The beauty often lies in the many options available. Some travelers set their sights on warm Caribbean escapes onboard massive ocean liners. Others find more intimate cruise ship settings and frigid glacial environments to be a better fit. If you happen to be a traveler looking for onboard luxury paired with an opportunity to experience some of Northern Europe's most fascinating ports of call, Viking Ocean Cruises has you covered.

Viking is a good fit as a cruise company for passengers who are looking for an itinerary that infuses rich culture and history into the sailing experience. Viking Ocean Cruises has a fleet of nine passenger ships that each carry upward of 930 passengers. The smaller stature of these ships allows the company to operate within more exclusive ports worldwide, including those that adorn the coast of Northern Europe.

For a cruise experience that takes you along the scenic Northern European waterways that Viking explorers once followed, you'll want to book a place on the Viking Homelands itinerary. This stunning journey includes stops in six countries. It provides opportunities to experience historic cities, gorgeous natural landmarks, and to get an authentic sense of how Vikings lived along the way.

A scenic and history-rich itinerary

The Viking Homelands itinerary is a 15-day, 14-night sailing experience that follows historic trade routes that were once vital to Viking culture. In addition to the thrill of following these waterways, passengers will enjoy gorgeous scenery ranging from the fjords of Norway to the castles of Denmark. Depending on passenger preference, the Viking Homelands itinerary is offered as a Stockholm to Bergen sailing or a Bergen to Stockholm route.

If you choose the Stockholm to Bergen option, you'll begin your voyage with two days in Sweden. Here, you can spend time visiting museums and exploring Stockholm's very own archipelago. There are also opportunities to stroll through Old Town, which dates back to the 13th century and is sure to be a highlight for history buffs

Day three takes you to Mariehamn, found just between Finland and Sweden. It's home to an annual Viking market that's renowned throughout Scandinavia. Day four is a day at sea along the Swedish coast. This is the time to savor international cuisine onboard and learn more about the many maritime battles that ultimately decided the fate of modern-day Northern Europe.

Day five of your journey brings you to Gdansk, Poland, known and loved for its stunning collection of Gothic cathedrals. Day six includes a stop in Bornholm, Denmark. Vital for its role in Baltic maritime trade, Bornholm has also earned a reputation for intricately handcrafted grandfather clocks and glassblowing.

Customize your cruise with exciting excursions

On day seven, you'll explore Berlin, Germany which is a thriving hub of European art and culture. Day eight takes you to charming Copenhagen, Denmark which is an important Scandinavian port city. Here, you can venture through amusement parks, statue gardens, and beautiful castles.

Viking history thrives in Alborg, Denmark which you'll explore on day nine. Days 10 and 11 have you sailing to Oslo, Norway where inspiring museums and gardens are paired with rolling hills and picturesque fjords. Day 12 brings you to Stavanger, Norway where cobblestone streets and 17th-century architecture blend seamlessly with elegant European style.

Day 13 on the Viking Homelands itinerary puts you in the heart of Eidfjord, Norway. This inviting mountain hamlet is home to breathtaking rivers, and waterfalls all fed by the Norwegian Sea. The final two days of your cruise are enjoyed in Bergen, Norway. Here, you can stroll wooden walkways alongside brightly painted harborside buildings, browse local artisan markets, and spend time in a former Viking settlement dating back to A.D. 1070.

While each port of call is exciting on its own, the Viking Homelands itinerary provides passengers with options to book shore excursions to enhance the experience. In Copenhagen, you can take a tour of the Roskilde Viking Ship Museum and Cathedral. In Berlin, you can book a guided walk through Museum Island or plan on enjoying a visit to the Viking village of Gudvangen and step into ninth-century life when you reach Eidfjord.