Why You Should Add This Popular Western Winter Destination To Your Fall Bucket List

Denver, Colorado's proximity to the Rocky Mountains makes it one of the best cities for winter travel. The ice skating, snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, and other winter sports opportunities are practically endless. However, the fall is just as opportune of a time to visit, maybe even more so, depending on what you like to do. The city itself offers a wide variety of places to visit and sites to see. It can be an adventure that lasts anywhere from a couple of hours to days on end, depending on how much time you have in the city.

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities, so your itinerary will be booked regardless of the weather. Spend the day exploring a museum, biking the city,  or shopping amongst vendors at a street fair. Stop by a brewery for a local beer or catch a professional football, hockey, or basketball game. Denver has something for just about everyone, no matter your age or interests.

Indoor and outdoor options

Denver has some impressive museums. Some of our favorites include the Denver Art Museum, which features a wide array of pieces made from all sorts of mediums by artists from around the world; the Museo de las Americas, which showcases artwork by Latinx artists; the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, which offers immersive, educational experiences for those intrigued by the natural world; and the Denver Children's Museum, which provides a fun environment for kids to learn, be it in regards to science, art, or a variety of other topics.

If you'd rather spend your days outside in nature and don't mind driving a little bit, you can head out to the mountains for hiking. Day Hikes Near Denver recommends a number of trails, including the Elk Falls Overlook trail at Staunton State Park, which is a quick 45-minute drive outside of the city, and the Herman Gulch Hike, which takes about an hour to get to from Denver. Hiking is the ideal way to witness the abundance of foliage Colorado has to offer.

If you want to be outside but amongst people rather than trees, you can head to First Fridays or the City Park Farmer's Market. The former takes place on the first Friday of each month and hosts a variety of vendors, all showing off their creativity. The latter takes place on Saturdays through the end of October and is the perfect place to snag some fresh produce and some homemade crafts.

Fall festivities and sports

If, once again, you're willing to drive a little bit, you can venture to Applefest in Cedaredge, Colorado. The festival celebrates the season and the harvest with live music and a plethora of other fun events, including a cook-off, golf tournament, motorcycle show, pancake breakfast, 5k run, and so much more. It's perfect for anyone of any age who loves fall festivities. 

If you're a sports fan, you're in luck. Denver is home to several professional and collegiate sports teams, meaning you have any trouble finding a hockey, basketball, or football game to catch. Of course, we advise checking the schedule and purchasing tickets ahead of time to guarantee your seat.

We've only scratched the surface of all that you can do in Denver in the fall. Next time you're looking for a city to explore for a beautiful fall getaway, look to Denver. It might just become your favorite escape. Why wait until winter when you can have a blast in the fall?