This US State Is Home To The Most Under-The-Radar Wine Tasting Spot

Maui, Hawaii, is known for its bright blue water, stretches of beaches, delicious fruits, and beautiful landscapes rich with forests and dotted with breathtaking waterfalls — it's also the ideal vacation destination. In addition, you can add wine tasting to its claim to fame. Maui's wine country is not very large in comparison to wine country elsewhere, but it's enough — 23 acres — to put the only winery on the island, MauiWine, on the map.

MauiWine is an underrated attraction to add to your Hawaii bucket list. The vineyard has sweeping views of the island, making it a relaxing spot to sip wine and enjoy the scene. It opened in 1974 and has been serving visitors a wide variety of wines, including pineapple wine, ever since. "If you are a wine lover, you must visit MauiWine," one reviewer wrote on TripAdvisor. "I was happily surprised by the quality of the wines. [...] I have lived in the South of France, and have tasted wines around the world. This is definitely a winery not to miss!"

MauiWine's history and offerings

In the past, Hawaii's final king, King Kalākaua, frequently visited the land where grapes now grow. It was later turned into the Rose Ranch Estate and now is called Ulupalakua Ranch. MauiWine uses it to produce six different kinds of grapes as well as pineapples and raspberries for its array of wines. The winery's tasting room was once known as the King's Cottage Lanai (or veranda), which the king had built in 1870.

When you visit for a tasting, you can ask questions and delve more into the history of both the estate and the wine. MauiWine offers an outdoor, 2-hour tasting under towering trees that are over 100 years old. This experience, called Under the Camphor, is for groups and includes history lessons and insight into their process of making wine. For a different setting, MauiWine also offers group tastings in the King's Cottage Tasting Room. During the tasting are wine flights, glasses, and cocktails for your choosing. If you're hungry or would like to pair your wine with cheese or food, a menu of light fares is also available, making this a gorgeous spot to enjoy a meal with a view

For those who are especially curious about the vicinity, in place of guided tours, MauiWine offers maps for groups to explore on their own.

The effect of the wildfires on MauiWine

In August 2023, wildfires caused tragedy on the island, taking lives and destroying homes and land. People have been resilient, though, collectively working together to face the devastation. Fortunately, MauiWine's property emerged from the fires unscathed, but its profits have declined since the fires. MauiWine once averaged 150 to 200 guests per day, but, since the fires, those daily numbers have dropped to 30 or fewer. And, while MauiWine still produces wine and hosts visitors, the vineyard needs a large uptick in customers to turn a profit.

It will take time for Maui to recover from the fire, both for the people and for the land. If you do find yourself on the island for whatever reason and want a relaxing evening of wine tasting, consider stopping by MauiWine and supporting this local business. Decide for yourself how the unique wines taste. You might just find a new favorite.