Keep Your Shirt Collars From Getting Wrinkled With This Belt-Packing Hack

Packing can be a frustrating affair, especially if you're bringing dress shirts and want to avoid wrinkles. First you have to decide what you'll want to wear on your trip, and then you have to figure out how you'll fit it all in your suitcase or carry-on. You've got options to choose from: the rolling method, packing cubes, the traditional way of folding clothes. Each has its benefits, and the one you choose depends entirely on your priorities and the space you have.

One common frustration with packing is how easily your clothes get wrinkled. You pack them neatly, only to get to your destination and find creases and wrinkles in all of your shirts. While buying wrinkle-free clothing is your best bet for keeping clothes wrinkle-free, that's not realistic for your entire wardrobe. Instead, there are some alternative packing hacks to help minimize the damage. Some are all about the folding technique, while others focus on the fabric the clothing is made out of. One particularly unique strategy targets shirt collars and utilizes a belt to keep things smooth.

Utilizing a belt for a wrinkle-free collar

Button-up shirts are notorious for getting wrinkled. You can avoid, or at least minimize, this depending on how you fold them. For the collar specifically, one way to decrease the amount of wrinkles requires you to grab a belt. You simply line the collar with a belt and fold the rest of the shirt as you usually would. You're likely already bringing a belt on the trip with you, so you might as well put it to use to help keep your collar wrinkle-free.

While this method isn't perfect, and you might see some wrinkles, it's still worthwhile and will keep your collars looking straighter than they would without it. It's easy to do and won't add too much time to packing. With that being said, you may still want to iron the clothes once you get to your destination. If your hotel room doesn't have an iron or a steamer, consider purchasing wrinkle-release spray and bringing it with you. 

So, next time you're getting ready for a business trip, or any sort of travel for that matter, try lining your shirt collar with a belt. This hack will have you looking fresh and minimize the time you'll spend trying to smooth out any pesky wrinkles.