The Genius Hack For Keeping Your Keys Safe When Hiking Near Water

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On any hiking adventure, you should make the absolute most of it. Naturally, that includes wading through streams, cooling off your feet in a river, and getting up close and personal with a majestic waterfall or two. The only problem is that it's essential to keep your valuables safe, as items like your keys, can get lost in water if you're not careful. With the splashing sound of H20 all around, you might not hear them drop or spot them under the surface. The good news is, there's a quick and easy preventative solution: a cork keychain. In the event that you drop your keys, they'll float right to the top, so you can retrieve them right away. Easy peasy.

Cork keychains are simple to make. The first step, obviously, is to enjoy that bottle of wine you've been saving for a special occasion. (This is it.) Once it's done, wash the cork and keep it for your DIY project. Head to the nearest home improvement store and grab a small screw with a loop, called screw eyes. Carefully twist the screw into the cork and attach it to your keychain. Test it a few times in your bathtub or sink to make sure the keychain works as it should. Simple as that. If that's too much effort, you can always order a ready-made floating keychain, too.

More solutions for your keys

For the non-drinkers out there, fear not. There are other solutions. If you have a lanyard lying around, clip the end to a small plastic bag with a seal. Look for a lanyard with a bulldog clip, which acts as a "mouth" to grip the plastic. Tuck your keys inside the plastic bag, seal it up, attach it to the lanyard, and wear it around your neck on your next adventure. If you'd rather buy one, Dripac offers a small dry bag for holding your keys, cash, and credit cards. When it's not tucked under your clothes, the bright orange color will ensure that you don't lose it in the wild.

For a more minimalist approach, you could always invest in a pair of hiking pants made with waterproof material. Look for a lightweight option with pockets that have a zipper seal, keeping your keys and other valuables safe inside. For example, there are these quick dry cargo pants with an elastic waistband and several pockets. The roll-up pants are a nice touch for water adventures. For men, these waterproof hiking pants has five zipped pockets all around, so you can carry your keys — and everyone else's too.