This California City Is A Great Place To Celebrate Halloween On The West Coast

If there is one thing that you can count on Los Angelinos to do, it's get in costume and play make-believe. It's not a hard ask to get this community to dress up as their favorite movie characters and turn their house into horror film sets. If you're looking for a city to celebrate Halloween in, take a trip to the West Coast and book your stay in LaLaLand.

While most people wouldn't consider this seasonless city a top-ranked West Coast destination for a fall getaway, what it lacks in foliage, it definitely makes up for in enthusiasm. In Los Angeles, you'll find a plethora of top-of-the-line festivities to get in the Halloween spirit for adults and kids alike. Whether you're looking to be scared to your core by some of the country's best actors or looking for a colorful, safe neighborhood to stroll through with your kiddos — the city of stars has it all.

The best horror attractions in Los Angeles

The haunted attractions in Los Angeles are not for the faint of heart. If you want to get the absolute living daylights scared out of you, the city offers a long list of top-quality options for doing so. Two of the most popular are Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios and Knott's Scary Farm at Knott's Berry Farms.

Located in Hollywood on the famous film company's grounds, Halloween Horror Nights will transport you into some of the scariest productions of all time, including zones themed after "Chucky," "The Exorcist," "Stranger Things," and more. Universal goes above and beyond with every detail to make you feel like a character in one of the world's most famous horror films or TV shows.

Knott's Scary Farms creates its own uniquely disturbing mix of characters and scenarios. Located a bit out of the city center in Buena Park, California, it takes about 30 minutes by car from L.A. (with no traffic) to get there. Once you step through the gates, there's nowhere to hide from ever-looming characters roaming the park roads and terrorizing the guests. While there is no enforced age limit at either park, both parks recommend that guests should be 13 years old and over.

Family fun Halloween activities in Los Angeles

If you're with little ones and want to avoid hysterical crying, you may want to pass on L.A.'s horror attractions. For those happy with a PG Halloween of pumpkins, smiling scarecrows, and friendly "boos," we suggest visiting the world-famous Disneyland theme park. While checking out the roller coasters and rides, you'll find yourself immersed in Halloween-themed fun. If you want something extra, make sure to book tickets for the Oogie Boogie Bash. With kid-friendly live performances and trick-or-treating, it's one of Disneyland's spookiest events.

Finally, if you want some good ole, traditional Halloween fun, head out to a local neighborhood to enjoy some of the nation's best trick-or-treating. Carroll Avenue in Angelino Heights, right by Dodger Stadium, is a popular choice among locals. This trick-or-treating spot is home to a number of famous filming locations, like the house in the "Thriller" music video, and creative locals who go above and beyond with entertainment, candy, and more. However, with thousands of kids running around every year, be prepared for some big crowds.

If you're looking for a more cozy, mellow trick-or-treating experience, head out to Alegria Street in Sierra Madre. In this L.A. suburb, set against the San Gabriel Mountains, the residents take Halloween very seriously. Known for its charming craftsman houses and elaborate decorations, the neighborhood is a safe and quaint spot to let your kids embark on their candy-finding quests.