Visit One Of Italy's Largest Islands For A Beautiful Beach Vacation

Italy is known for its mouthwatering meals, stunning historic architecture, and beautiful beaches. The southern coast of Italy's second-largest island is particularly perfect for a waterfront vacation. With peach-colored sand, turquoise water, and the chance to spot pink flamingos in a nearby lagoon, the Chia Coast in Sardinia is worth a visit.

An underrated tourist destination in Italy, Chia is located on the southern side of Sardinia and is considered small, with only 274 residents. But don't let its size fool you. There is a lot to do on the beautiful coast. From dining with waterfront views to hiking the coastal trails and engaging in snorkeling and surfing — there is something for everyone here. Plus, it's easy to get to. Chia's closest airport is Cagliari,  approximately 26 miles away. The fastest route is via car. Just drive south on the Strada Statale 195 Sulcitana, and you should arrive on the beautiful Chia coast in less than an hour.

What to expect on Chia's beautiful beaches

The Chia coastline is home to nine miles of gorgeous Italian beaches. One of the most popular spots along the coast is Chia Beach (Spiagga di Chia). Chia Beach's peachy shoreline is over 2,400 feet long. Arguably the most beautiful beach in Sardinia, this oasis is prime for relaxing, surfing, and spotting wildlife. Dolphins frequent the sea, and flamingos breed in the lagoon nearby. 

More nearby sandy spots include Cala Cipolla, Su Giudeu, and Su Portu. Cala Cipolla is almost 500 feet long, and, thanks to plenty of juniper and pine trees, it's ideal for finding shade on a hot day. Located a little more than half a mile from Chia Beach is Su Giudeu. A nearby diving center and a few lively reefs make this beach a popular place for scuba divers and snorkelers. And, at low tide, visitors can walk to a tiny island to soak in the Chia coastline views from a unique vantage point. Su Portu, just east of Chia Beach, is located in front of the campgrounds by the Torre di Chia. Built in 1578, this historic tower on the hillside offers mesmerizing ocean views. With shallow waters and views of Torre di Chia, Su Portu is a great beach for families with little ones.

Where to stay on Chia's coastline

Visitors to Italy's Chia coast have plenty of options for accommodations, all with gorgeous water views, friendly service, and nearby attractions. For those looking to splurge, the most unique place to stay in Chia is the Faro Capo Spartivento (room rates start at approximately $650 per night). It's located in an old lighthouse, built in the 19th century by the Italian Navy. This 5-star hotel faces the sea and offers infinity pools, hot tubs, and crystal gazebos.

Another fantastic place to stay in Chia is the luxurious Aquadulci (room rates start at approximately $180 per night). Inspired by nature, this hotel is surrounded by lush greenery, has an impressive pool and spa services, and is located just a few steps from Su Giudeu Beach. For those looking for more affordable accommodations, try La Rosa dei Venti (room rates start at approximately $85 per night). This bed-and-breakfast is nestled in the hills and offers fantastic ocean views, a delicious Italian breakfast, and a large garden, perfect for relaxing after a day at the beach.