The Best Method For Packing Bulky Hair Tools

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Ah, yes, packing — the single most challenging part of travel. Plenty of people swear by a one-bag philosophy and practice the art of packing light no matter how long the trip but for those of us who have trouble parting ways with some of our belongings, packing is always a challenge. Sorting out which clothes to bring with you is easy enough since you can always roll them up or compress them in bags to optimize space. 

However, the same can't be said of larger items like hair tools. Unless you want to ditch your beloved Dyson altogether, there are only so many ways to pack these bulky gadgets. While you can always use packing cubes, simply shoving them into one container won't do any good, given their delicate nature. Layering them with clothing pieces, or cramming them inside shoes isn't ideal, either (though it will help protect them). 

If you want to keep your hair tools safe and maximize luggage real estate at the same time, you may want to invest in one of those narrow, multi-layer travel cases instead. They're like bento boxes, except that they're specifically designed to accommodate multiple hair tools at once, with a handful of pockets included for storing hair accessories and tiny styling products.

Multi-layer storage bags are your best bet

We love packing hacks as much as the next traveler, but there are times when there's no particular trick efficient enough to effectively store certain items. When it comes to hair tools, you need a specialized storage bag to protect them, and multi-layer storage bags are arguably the most practical choice (check these out on Amazon). For one, they have multiple "decks," allowing you to house at least two full-size hair tools. 

Most of them are also sturdy in the sense that the devices inside won't get crushed even if your luggage takes a beating during transit. They're designed with convenience in mind, as evidenced by the many pockets they have for accommodating accessories like hair clips, ties, and rollers, and a strap on top to easily transport the bag from one room to another. They also feature built-in elastic bands for securing all the wires correctly, preventing potential electrical damage to your hair tools. Bonus points if you invest in one that's heat-proof, too.

If you're not keen on the idea of spending money on an organizer, you may want to pare down your tools instead to save space. You likely won't need a hairdryer since most hotels have one in the room (always call ahead to confirm). Instead, bring a tool that serves a double purpose, like an iron that both straightens and curls. This lets you optimize packing space while still making sure your hair looks divine during the trip.

Packing your tools is just part of the problem

Before you even start figuring out which hair tools to bring with you, it's important to determine whether you can take them along in the first place. According to the TSA, most styling tools are allowed, but if you're bringing cordless devices that have batteries or gas cartridges, they must be part of your carry-on and have a protective cover attached. However, anything noticeably sharp should be stowed in your checked luggage instead.

It's just as critical to identify the voltage requirements of your destination. In North America, electronics run on 110 to 120 volts, but in Europe and elsewhere, appliances operate typically on a range of 220 to 240 volts. The plug matters, too, since sockets in different countries vary greatly. You can solve this by either investing in a dual-voltage hair tool and/or bringing a travel power adapter and voltage converter with you to ensure that your styling device will work.

After all, the last thing you want after taking care to package it properly is to ruin your expensive tool, or worse, cause damage to the electrical outlet of your accommodation and risk being penalized. As always, research is key, lest you find yourself in an electronic mishap. But, by packing carefully and taking certain safety precautions, you can ensure a hassle-free styling experience, and perhaps even a good hair day every day you're away!