TikTok's Cheat Sheet That Makes Booking Flights With Points Even Easier

When a traveler goes the extra mile on TikTok, that's a win for us all. Points enthusiast @continental.ky recently shared a cheat sheet to help credit card holders fly for free on United, Delta, or American Airlines using airline alliances.

First up is United Airlines. If you're earning points on the Chase Sapphire rewards card and you want to use them on a United flight, register a United Airlines MileagePlus account. You'll receive a frequent flier number, which you can then use to link the two accounts. Next, find the exact United Airlines flight you want to book. Thanks to airline's alliances, you may be able to book the exact same United flight on a partner airline for fewer points, so it's worth checking Air Canada and Singapore Airlines as well. Now transfer your points and "pay" for it with miles — that's it!

The basic process is the same for other credit cards. If you want to fly on United with your Capital One points, look up United flights on Air Canada, Air Portugal, Avianca, Singapore Airlines, and Turkish Airlines. For American Express holders, look up flights through Air Canada, ANA, Avianca, and Singapore Airlines. Those with a Citi credit card can go through Avianca, EVA Airways, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, and Turkish Airlines.

How to use this hack on American and Delta

Why stop at United? You can use this hack for other airlines, too. To book a flight on American Airlines with your Chase Sapphire rewards, look to the airline's partners British Airways and Iberia Airlines. For Capital One and American Express, check British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Etihad, Finnair, and Qantas. For American Express, refer to British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Etihad, Iberia, and Qantas. For Citi, look up deals on Cathay Pacific, Etihad, Qantas, and Qatar Airways.

If you're more of a Delta person, you can enjoy the airline alliances there as well. For Chase holders, browse flights on KLM/AirFrance and Virgin Atlantic. For Capital One users, do some digging on AeroMexico, Etihad, KLM/AirFrance, and Virgin Atlantic. For American Express, try Delta, Etihad, KLM/Air France, and Virgin Atlantic. For Citi, check into AeroMexico, Etihad, KLM/Air France, and Virgin Atlantic.

The genius behind Kylie's flow charts is that it demonstrates just how many ways you can book your favorite airlines. Just make sure you know the exact flight you want to book before you transfer points. Once you transfer them, you can't get them back. One more trick up her sleeve? Shop around. If you find your desired flight on a partner airline, keep sleuthing. It's worth checking them all, as you may be able to find a better deal on an airline partner's website. Fewer points now means more flights later. Love that for you.