TSA Agents Seriously Despise When You Wear These Things To The Airport

We've all felt the anxiety of passing through TSA. Whether it's the hustle and bustle of the airport, the long lines, or the pressure to quickly unpack and repack, going through security can set even the most seasoned traveler on edge. However, a simple solution can help take the load off: wear the right thing.

From buckles and laces to rhinestones and carriers, there's a long list of wearables that most TSA agents hate because they make the entire security screening process more complicated than it has to be. While comfort is essential when traveling, baggy clothes like oversized pants, hoodies, and even maxi skirts can be problematic. Hard-to-remove shoes are another culprit. Whether it's too many laces or zips, complicated footwear only slows down the line. Then there's metal: large jewelry, belts, bedazzled garments, jackets with metal bits, or even a handful of hairpins can set off alarms, leading to additional security checks that nobody wants.

TSA's guidelines go beyond dealing with metal. T-shirts with aggressive messages can also catch an agent's eye and bring on unwanted questions. Hats are also a pain and typically need to be removed — although religious or personal headwear is often respected.

All this goes to show that, by dressing smartly, you can easily streamline your experience at the checkpoint. At the end of the day, planning ahead isn't just about reducing your stress. It's about ensuring a more pleasant start to your journey — one that doesn't involve any unnecessary run-ins with the TSA.