Why This Midwest City Is Quickly Becoming A Top Tourist Destination

When considering the top tourist destinations in the Midwest, most people will think of a famous, bustling city like Chicago or a natural wonder like the Great Lakes. However, over the past few years, tourists have begun gravitating to a less obvious urban getaway — Cincinnati, Ohio. It isn't a popular setting for Hollywood films or a hotspot for influencers to snap pics, but nonetheless, it's captured the hearts of travelers from all over.

According to Vrbo's 2022 trend report, Cincinnati is at the top of the list for up-and-coming cities to visit in the country. In just a year, the city increased its rate of visitors by 125%, and Time Magazine, in partnership with Yelp, named Cincinnati number 16 on their list of "Most Up-and-Coming Cities in America." If you've never been, you might be thinking, "What's there to do in Cincinnati?" But for anyone who has been, the more common question is, "What isn't there to do in Cincinnati?"

Cincinnati is a hub for hospitality

Sitting in the Southwest corner of Ohio and bordering Kentucky, Cincinnati residents are known for embracing a warm, sociable culture that prioritizes generosity and kindness. With this reputation for hospitality, it's no wonder that Cincinnati also boasts an inviting food scene. Famous chefs and restauranteurs like Tony and Austin Ferrari, Dominique Khoury, Jose Salazar, Ashley and Austin Heidt, and more have opened renowned establishments in this culinary hub.

If you're a foodie, take note: Cincinnati is considered one of the best dining destinations in the Midwest. One of the city's most beloved attractions is the Findlay Market, which offers a full-time market with 50-plus local vendors. On the weekends, the venue hosts a farmers market in addition to culinary-themed events like its bourbon tasting or fall food festival. Not only is Findlay a symbol of the city's innovative food and drink culture, but it's also one of the many historic sites guests can visit while in town.

Cincinnati is inexpensive and safe

Perhaps Cincinnati natives are so friendly because the city has an enviably high quality of life. Over the past decade, the level of property and violent crime in Cincinnati has dropped considerably. Today, it ranks far above the average safety level for cities of its size in the U.S. Not only can you walk through the streets of Cincinnati feeling safe and welcomed, but it's also incredibly inclusive financially. 

Visiting Cincinnati, Ohio, makes for one of the best U.S. vacations if you are on a budget. For a single person without rent, the monthly cost of living in Cincinnati as of 2023 is estimated to be around a thousand dollars. In comparison, New York City's cost of living for a single person is about 50% more than that. 

The people are great, the food is top-of-the-line, and, if that's not enough of a reason to visit Cincinnati, it's affordable too. And it's on the way to being the newest "it" city in America.