Keep Your Passport Safe While Traveling With This Genius Amazon Product

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Traveling abroad is always an adventure. Taking in another culture's sights, sounds, flavors, and smells can be an enriching and perspective-shifting experience. An excellent way to learn about the place you're visiting and its history is through guided tours, museums, and conversations with locals. You can also expose yourself to new cuisines and music and tour sites and attractions unique to the location. Through it all, though, you have to make sure your passport is safe and secure.

Sure, you can use a fanny pack and keep it wrapped around your waist at all times, or you can carry your passport in a purse or backpack. When you store it in those spots, you must be extra vigilant because that's where most people expect your valuables to be. Leaving them unattended, even briefly, could make them easy targets for thieves and pickpockets. Suppose you want to store your passport and valuables in a safe, discreet, and fashionable way to avoid theft while traveling. In that case, the Zero Grid Infinity Scarf on Amazon might just be your answer.

A secure scarf

The Zero Grid Infinity Scarf is an innovative way to protect your passport and keep your important belongings safe, albeit in a stylish manner. It's a lightweight scarf with two pockets you can open and close with a zipper. It's perfect for storing your passport, wallet, phone, and other valuables. The pockets are hidden, even once they're filled, so you, or others lurking around, won't be able to tell that your scarf has another purpose besides keeping you fashionable and warm. "I took this on a trip to New York for a week of hardcore touristing and it was fantastic," a reviewer on Amazon wrote. "I loved having everything I needed right at my fingertips, rather than having a dig through our backpack," they continued. 

But the scarf isn't just a scarf with secret pockets. It can also serve as a blanket, head wrap, or hoodie. It has buttons at the ends, meaning you can snap and unsnap them to change the length and use of the accessory to best meet your needs. Though an overall great product, some reviewers noted a downside of the pocket: its dimensions are not specified, which may cause issues with fitting certain personal items.

Extra security

The Zero Grid Infinity Scarf is listed at $49.99 but often goes on sale. It comes in a variety of colors, including ash, jade, black, pink, and blue. It's made of polyester, rayon, and spandex, meaning it's lightweight, flexible, and soft.

Moreover, it comes with the added advantage of recovery tags that you can affix to your valuables, including a passport and a phone. This undoubtedly provides reassurance that if your belongings happen to be misplaced, they can be conveniently returned to you. You can then register them on ReturnMe, which is an international lost and found company. This extra addition adds even more security to the scarf's protective measures. You can feel especially secure knowing that your belongings are not only hidden and tucked away in a secret pocket in your scarf but also in the fact you have tags locating your valuables if anything goes missing.