For Extra Legroom On Your Next Road Trip, Try This Genius Bag Hack

To some, a long road trip is the best way to travel and the pinnacle of summer vacationing. To others, it's a necessary evil. But no matter how you feel about being on the road for hours at a time, there's one thing we can all agree on: It helps to have an organized and comfortable car ride. Maximizing space in your vehicle is crucial on a long road trip. One often neglected yet highly practical solution is using carabiners to hang bags, giving passengers much-needed legroom on a long trip.

Carabiners, those trusty metal clips often associated with climbing, can transform your interior hooks and grip handles into useful storage space. Whether your car has one or two clothing hooks, grip handles, or a combination, you can use carabiners in these spots to hang lightweight bags or organizers, creating convenient storage solutions for electronics and personal items.

For those on road trips with children, attaching a bag with snacks, toys, and other necessities for the kids can help minimize clutter in the back seat and floorboard. You can also combine multiple carabiners together to help passengers reach these items more easily, especially in larger vehicles. 

Carabiners offer practical storage solutions

You may not think of storage when considering headrests, but with carabiners, you can create storage in this typically unused area. By attaching carabiners to your headrest poles, you can connect them to the straps of bags, purses, or other pockets to hang on the back of a seat, moving these bulky items off the floor.

This solution can be used for more than just purses and other bags on road trips, though. If you've ever been on a long trip and stopped for snacks, you know how difficult it can be to find a place for all those wrappers and containers. Carabiners can also create a temporary trash can in your vehicle. Attach carabiners to the poles of a headrest to hang a small plastic bag for any garbage that accumulates during your drive.

For those taking a road trip with pets, carabiners can also attach pet accessories like leashes, collars, collapsible bowls, and reusable water bottles. Clipping these essentials to the back of a seat allows easy access and keeps them off the floor, preventing them from getting lost or tangled up in other items. These travel pet accessories typically come with straps or loops for hanging, making them perfect for carabiner attachment.