Feel Safer When Making Pit Stops On A Road Trip With This Tip

If you're into true crime, you probably can already guess what dangers lie at a pit stop in the middle of nowhere. But when you're on a road trip and need gas, food, or just a break, it can feel like you have no other place to stop. However, you likely do have another choice than a secluded gas station or convenience store and a much safer one at that. Next time you're on a road trip, look out for truck stops to ensure you remain in a populated, well-serviced area.

If something goes wrong at an isolated pit stop in a remote area, it could take a dangerously long amount of time for someone to come for help. Because of this, when you stop at a gas station or convenience store, you are in a very vulnerable position against anyone with bad intentions. While they are useful options when you need them, gas stations and convenience stores are rather risky. In fact, according to the FBI's 2016 report, gas stations and convenience stores are two of the locations with the highest crime rates in the United States. 

Why truck stops can be a safer option

Truck stops are service stations where there is likely to be a handful of other travelers, sufficient light, and adequate telephone and WiFi service. These factors are extremely useful in making sure the environment is safe for you to stop. This is especially true if you are trying to stay safe during your late-night road trip. At those hours, there are often fewer people on the road and dim lighting can make crime more accessible. And in general, crime rates are the highest in the late evening.

While a truck stop might be your best bet for a safe pit stop, safety isn't guaranteed. It's best to look at reviews of the places you plan to stop before you head out on the road where telephone service could become unstable. Furthermore, you should plan your rest stops for your road trip so that the points on your route where you expect you will need gas, food, or bathroom stops line up with the more populated, safer truck stops.