The Unexpected Hardware Store Staple You Should Pack For Your Next Trip

You have a flight to catch tomorrow, and you couldn't be more excited. You're almost ready — you just have to make a quick trip to the store for the last of your essentials. You might go to the grocery store or a convenience store. But what about a hardware store? This unlikely place sells an unconventional item that is surprisingly helpful when traveling: a bungee cord. Oddly enough, a bungee cord has a variety of functions, all of which can make traveling a breeze.  

One easy and effective way to use a bungee cord while traveling, for example, is to attach your carry-on bag to your luggage. "Take the bungee cord, put it through your handle, and you can get your carry-on bag and just hook it right on there," flight attendant and blogger Cici in the Sky said in an Instagram reel. She then demonstrated this luggage tip and walked away, showing how the smaller bag was secured to the larger one because of the bungee cord.

Additional bungee cord uses

She continued on with the hacks. Cici took a pillow and strapped it onto the suitcase with a bungee cord. Attaching it this way made it convenient to carry around and gave her a free hand. This trick gives you one less thing to worry about carrying around the airport. Plus, you have that extra hand to hold a cup of coffee or wrangle your kids.

Cici proceeded to show how a bungee cord can also serve as a suitcase handle. She slipped one side of the bungee cord through the top loop on her bag and then held both ends in one hand before tugging the bag alongside her as she walked. Her bungee cord served as a functional suitcase handle.

So next time you're packing for a trip, don't forget to swing by the hardware store. Picking up a bungee cord could make navigating the airport significantly easier and keep your luggage secure.