Use A Pool Noodle To Make Your Camping Canopy Rainproof

If wet weather on your camping trip wasn't already bad enough, a heavy downpour can bring added complications. From water-logged tents and muddy puddles to soaking wet gear, it's enough to dampen anyone's spirits. Luckily, having a camping canopy can make all the difference in conditions like these — which is why we love this simple hack from TikToker @outdoorsycaroline. In short, she recommends using a pool noodle to prevent rainwater from gathering on the top of your canopy.

Before we get into exactly how to do that, though, some people out there may wonder, quite legitimately, what exactly is a pool noodle? Well, if you've ever been to your local pool and seen those long, cylindrical foam tubes, which often come in a range of bright colors, that's what we're talking about. In short, they're used for various things — from a buoyancy aid for learners and a fun toy for little ones to marking out swimming lanes.

For our purposes today, they can also be repurposed for something altogether quite different. Namely, preventing your camping canopy from getting flooded with rainwater. And while this handy hack is oh-so-smart, the beauty of it is that it's also oh-so-simple. Here's what to do.

How to weatherproof your camping spot

So, aside from your camping canopy, all you will need for this savvy solution is one or more pool noodles (depending on the size of both items). Once your canopy is safely erected, simply slot in the noodle (or noodles) between the frame and the roof so that the material lies flat, and hey presto! Instead of those big sagging folds filled with water, which can often leak or destabilize the structure, you will enjoy a secure, dry area. 

That way, you can try to make the best of things and hopefully avoid your camping expedition becoming a total wash-out. On that note, there are several other ways you can prepare for unexpected bad weather while camping — from choosing a suitable spot to pitch and having the right tent to bringing adequate waterproofs. Conversely, given how quickly the weather can turn, it's also worth thinking beforehand about how to keep your tent cool on a hot and sunny day.

But should the worst happen, and the heavens open with a downpour of biblical proportions, at least now you'll be prepared. Using this nifty trick, the area under your canopy should stay cozy and dry, meaning you can focus on enjoying your camping trip, come rain or shine.