Easily Compare Bus And Train Prices With The Help Of This Free Tool

Imagine yourself in this scenario: You're planning a trip but you know for sure that you're not flying. It's a bus or train for you this time. You're excited for this switch in your mode of transportation and this opportunity to see the countryside as you travel between cities but now, all that's left is finding a ticket. Oddly, it can feel overwhelming given how used to plane ticket comparison shopping we all are. But bus or train comparisons? Where to start?

When searching for airlines, there are sites and apps that conveniently search and compare prices of tickets across airlines. You can find the best deals all in one place. Maybe you start in on the tedious work of googling bus and train tickets and exploring the fares on each individual site. Something that was quick for airfare quickly becomes time-consuming. You may not be aware there's actually an option that does much of this work for you. Wanderu is a travel search platform that makes comparing and booking bus and train prices much easier, sparing you from hours at your laptop looking at numbers. It's a lifesaver that's easy to use — you don't even have to download it, you can search directly from your browser.

Bus and train travel options galore

Wanderu is currently comparing prices on buses and trains throughout North America and Europe. It doesn't matter if you're traveling across or through countries and sleeping overnight on a long-haul bus ride or simply traveling to the next city over, Wanderu is a tool to find the option that works for you. Like the airline sites and services, you can book and check out on the Wanderu site, making it convenient to both find the best price and secure your ticket at that price. "I travel around the Northeast a ton via bus and train, and I've tried pretty much every booking platform. Wanderu is the only one who has reaffirmed my trust time and time again," one reviewer wrote on Trustpilot. "It's so reliable, easy to scan and find the best prices, and easy to book."

The company partnered with over 500 bus and train carriers, meaning you'll have plenty of options and price comparisons to look at. If you have any trouble booking or questions in general, they have a support team waiting and willing to help. All you have to do is send a message in the chat box. While you may not get an immediate answer, depending on the time of day, knowing the option is available can prove helpful.

Canceling and rescheduling trips

As far as experiences, people have reported a range. Some have had a smooth time with Wanderu, running into no issues. They say they've used it multiple times. Others, however, haven't been quite as lucky. "I've been pricing a route for a trip. I checked the same trip 4 days in a row multiple times a day. Each time Wanderu told me $15 per head then when I clicked it said "Sorry the last ticket at that price JUST sold out," one reviewer said on Reddit. "Now it's $50. It's funny I got the same coincidence each time for 4 days on 3 devices at different locations." As with all travel metasearch engines, experiences vary, so take note. 

If you need to reschedule or cancel the ticket, Wanderu will redirect you to the website of the carrier you're traveling with. Its FAQ has a full list of carrier-specific options. You can then work directly with that bus or train company to figure out your situation. Next time you're looking to book a trip and save on long-distance bus or train rides, it might be worth a spin on Wanderu, in addition to your standard online sleuthing.