The Best Method For Packing Perfume In Your Carry-On

Packing is an art — especially packing perfume in a carry-on. Of course you're going to want to bring your favorite fragrance on your trip. Just because perfume is liquid and has to be navigated through TSA restrictions doesn't mean you can't bring it. Naturally, packing a bottle of perfume in your checked baggage might be easier, but it is totally possible to bring it in your carry-on as well.

The main consideration you have to make is packing in such a way that your carry-on bag, and all of its contents, make it through security. But it's totally possible to pack your carry-on the TSA way to get through security efficiently. If any liquid, including your perfume, exceeds the limit of 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters, the TSA will confiscate it, but there are ways to get your items back sometimes. Nevertheless, you don't want to have to worry about TSA issues on the brink of your exciting trip. We'll tell you how to pack your perfume properly so that you can enjoy your travels while smelling your best.

How to keep your perfume safe while traveling

The two crucial things that you need to keep in mind when traveling with perfume in your carry-on are: getting it through TSA and keeping the bottle from breaking in your bag. The good news is that some standard perfume bottles are 3.4 ounces or smaller, which means they qualify within the liquid restrictions of TSA parameters. Since perfume tends to be expensive, double check how big your bottle is. Even with the right size, you need to make sure that your perfume fits along with your other liquids, gels, and aerosols into a single, clear quart-sized bag. Be prepared to pull this out for inspection when you go through security.

Once you get your perfume through security, you may want to pack it separately so that it doesn't get jostled on the plane and break in your carry-on baggage. Wrap your perfume in bubble wrap, a padded envelope, or clean socks to make sure that it's cushioned against impact. You could also bring an additional Ziploc bag in which to place the wrapped perfume so that there's an additional layer of protection between your fragrance and the rest of your things. Also, if you have your fragrance's original box, using its packaging can be one of the surest ways of keep the bottle secure. 

Other considerations when traveling with perfume

If packing your bottle of perfume seems like a hassle, there are other ways of bringing a scent with you on vacation. Many brands make rollerball packages of their signature scents, so you can easily travel with your favorite fragrance without worrying about lugging a full-sized bottle with you. Since these travel-sized fragrances are cheaper and smaller, they're easy to pack; and if something does happen (which is unlikely), you're not out of a bunch of money. Consider solid perfumes as well. The packaging is very protective and compact, and there's no chance of the fragrance leaking all over your clothing. You can also opt for a refillable atomizer. Many brands make atomizers that are TSA-approved. You simply spray some of your fragrance into the atomizer, close it, and you're able to travel with this portable option.

Another idea is buying duty-free perfume at the airport. This could be a win-win, especially if it's time to stock up on a new fragrance. Take advantage of duty-free deals and nab a new bottle. You can travel with it on the plane, so long as it's in a clear, sealed bag and you have proof of purchase. If you're buying it at the start of your trip, just make sure it's small enough that you can put it in your carry-on bag on your way back.