Keep Mosquitos Away On Your Next Hike With This Essential Oil

Mosquitos are a huge nuisance while spending time outdoors, whether you're camping or just enjoying a day outside. While there are strong products out there that ward off mosquitos, sometimes it can be appealing to use something natural. Thankfully, lemon eucalyptus oil is a natural, effective way to repel mosquitoes without using the chemical compound DEET. It's worth looking into because mosquitos aren't just annoying: They can also carry diseases. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mosquitoes can carry malaria, dengue fever, West Nile virus, Zika virus, and more, so protecting yourself against mosquitos is more than just avoiding an itchy bite.

Campers and lovers of the great outdoors have to know how to deal with mosquitos. It may come as a surprise thatĀ cinnamon can help relieve mosquito bites. You can also hang dried herbs, from lavender to citronella, to banish bugs like mosquitos from your backyard or campsite. Amazingly enough, there's even an alcoholic beverage that repels mosquitoes. But when you want something tried, tested, and true that will keep the mosquitos away when you're outside, opt for lemon eucalyptus oil, which comes from the leaves of the lemon eucalyptus tree.

How to use lemon eucalyptus essential oil to keep mosquitos away

Using lemon eucalyptus oil to deter mosquitoes is actually recommended by the CDC, so you can rest assured that it's an effective measure. The essential oil is often sold in a spray format, so you can spray it on exposed skin and clothing. You can even spray some on your hands to apply it around your face and neck, though be mindful of keeping it away from the eyes and mouth.

If you have it in an essential oil format, it's safe to use on the skin, but it's wise to test an area first to see if your skin is sensitive to the oil. If you're concerned about the strength of the essential oil, you can apply a few drops of it to a carrierĀ such as coconut or avocado oil, or to aloe vera gel or a plain moisturizing lotion, so that it's not as harsh on the skin. As always, follow the instructions on the specific product you purchase. It's also important to note that the CDC does not recommend lemon eucalyptus oil for use on children 3 years old or younger. So this is best used on older kids and adults. There may be cases where the mosquitos are so dense that lemon eucalyptus oil isn't strong enough to deter them. In these cases, it actually may be wise to use a stronger chemical product.