Use This Tool To Find The Nearest Bathroom While Traveling

Traveling to new cities creates the wonderful opportunity to step outside of the familiar and experience a different pace of life. You're immersed in a new culture with fresh sites to see. Wherever you enjoy traveling, we can all agree that it's difficult to pay attention to all the cool things you can see when you need to use the bathroom. All that you usually revere in awe seems to disappear — and is replaced by the urgent need to find a restroom.

Some might step into the nearest restaurant or café and ask for the bathroom. If you're lucky, the staff will let you use it, otherwise you might hear, "Customers only" and be required to buy something in order to access the restroom. The same goes for stores; Sometimes you're able to easily find a bathroom, other times you need an access code. This predicament is a frustrating one that can cost you extra dollars if you really need to go. Luckily though, there's a hack for finding a bathroom that can help you prevent this scenario altogether. Flush Toilet Finder is an app that tells you where the nearest public bathroom is.

Find bathrooms all over the world

Flush Toilet Finder is a free app you can download on either your iPhone or Android. It tracks your location and shows you where the nearest public restrooms are and how to get there. You can rate each restroom, and check out the ratings others have left as well. If you find a bathroom that's not on there, you can add it. Currently, they have over 200,000 bathrooms all over the world marked, making it a perfect tool for traveling regardless of whether you're crossing borders or staying domestic.

In addition to being useful for navigating restrooms in the city, it's also helpful when you're in the suburbs or out on the road. "[It's] great for road trips as well as just out and about," a reviewer wrote in the Apple App Store. "What I like about it is that the app is easy to use." And no doubt, comes in clutch in an emergency. 

Saving time and stress

On the Apple store, the app currently has a rating 4.6 out of 5 stars. It's quick to install and easy to use. In addition to showing you the locations and ratings of the bathrooms, the app also tells you which locations require you to pay, as well as which ones are wheelchair accessible. "[It's] A huge relief (literally and figuratively)," another reviewer wrote on the Apple App Store. "As someone with chronic issues I find traveling and even doing errands can be very stressful. This app goes above and beyond [because] first of all it's free. Having it be accessible for people is amazing. [...] It removes nearly all the barriers and anxieties associated with needing to use the facilities. It has freed me up to travel without having constant stress."

So next time you're headed on a trip, download Flush Toilet Finder & Map. It might just save you time, money, and stress by showing you exactly where you can use the restroom free of charge.