The Best Way To Protect Your Valuables On A Cruise Shore Excursion

A cruise shore excursion is a great sightseeing activity to partake in when the ship is docked at a port. While some people prefer to explore on their own, a cruise line-sponsored excursion has its benefits, which include a variety of curated experiences to choose from depending on your interests; an experienced guide to help you navigate the area or help with any necessary translations; and ideally, a stress-free itinerary. All in all, it's a fantastic way to maximize your day at a destination.

An important thing to consider when you go on a cruise shore excursion is how to keep your belongings safe while you're off discovering the local scene. The last thing you want is to have your things stolen, which would make the trip unforgettable for the wrong reasons. Some of the most common cruise excursions will take you to the beach or have you exploring the city, so here are some tips to protect your valuables no matter which type of activity you choose.

Keeping your items safe on a beach

Whether you're snorkeling with the fishes or lounging in the sun, a beach excursion is a perfect vacation activity. When it comes to protecting your valuables, first of all, only bring the essentials like your cruise card, ID, and phone. You don't need much to enjoy your time at the beach. For the items you do bring, consider using a waterproof bag so you can keep your things with you when you dip into the water rather than leaving them unattended — especially useful for solo travelers. Tip: A sealable plastic bag works in a pinch as a low-cost alternative if you don't want to purchase a waterproof handbag or crossbody.

If you're not keen on bringing your things with you into the water, the most reliable way to ensure the safety of your belongings is to have one person at all times stay behind to keep an eye on things. If you're traveling solo, you can ask someone you recognize (and trust) from the cruise ship to watch your stuff. Alternatively, some cruise lines like Carnival or Princess have lockers you can use on shore excursions, but check with your cruise line as you may have to pay a rental fee. At the very least, cover your things with a towel so they're not out in the open, primed for the taking.

Keeping your items safe in the city

For city activities, the same principle rings true: Bring only the essentials. However, you might need a few more things when exploring a whole city, so it can be helpful to have an extra layer of protection in the form of an anti-theft bag.

These specially-designed bags, such as those from Travelon or Pacsafe, come in lightweight and compact options so you're not weighed down while sightseeing but can still rely on plenty of subtle yet secure features. Three common features found on many anti-theft bags that help you stay safe in the city include lockable zippers that inhibit easy access for pickpockets, slash-proof straps and bodies to prevent thieves from cutting the bag off, and locking straps that give you the ability to secure your bag to a table or chair while you're dining.

However, it's still important to be alert, whether you have the added protection of an anti-theft bag or not. Tourist hot spots can be prime opportunities for pickpockets. Try to always keep your bag in front of you, avoid keeping your phone or wallet in your back pocket, and keep your bag on your lap when you're not wearing it. Equipped with these tips on how to protect your valuables on a cruise shore excursion, go forth and explore!