Try This Space Saving Technique Next Time You Pack For Vacation

There's an art to packing, since you have to juggle limited space along with having everything you need with you. So space-saving packing techniques are our favorite things ever. But you also don't want to overload your luggage in terms of weight. If you're flying, there's an added dimension of complexity, because you don't want to exceed weight limits. Plus, ideally you want to arrive with wrinkle-free clothing and everything in good condition. It's a real bummer to unpack your suitcase only to find everything crushed and wrinkled.

Thankfully, we've got some vital tips for making packing a success. Create a travel capsule wardrobe to make packing easier. In terms of wrinkled clothes, hotel rooms and Airbnbs typically have irons, but you can use a simple hack if your room doesn't have an iron. Plus, if you want to be mindful about packing, plan outfits before you go rather than winging it by simply packing individual pieces of clothing. Once you've got these looks ready, we have the perfect system for packing them that not only saves space but keeps them wrinkle-free as well.

The bundle technique gives you more room in your luggage

The packing technique that saves the most space is the bundling system. To start, use some small items as your anchor, like socks and underwear. Or you can use a small packing cube as the center piece. Then, simply wrap every other piece of clothing around this core piece. This process of wrapping each item also keeps your clothing from getting wrinkled.

One easy way to prep for the bundle technique is to lay out your clothing flat before bundling them, so that each item rotates in a different direction: north, south, east, and west. Lay them all flat on top of each other then place your center bundle on the top of the pile, and you can easily work from here by carefully folding them around each other. This way, you end up making a clothing burrito that, amazingly, saves a lot of space. However, it's worth noting that you don't have to lay out all of your clothing ahead of time. That's just one system. The real hack is the bundling itself.

The con of this system is that it's pretty tough to pull items out as needed. The bundle system really works well if your plan is to completely unpack once you reach your destination. Since everything is so compactly wrapped, it might create more challenges if you have multiple stops.

How to minimize while you pack

Over-packing is such a common mistake when preparing for a trip. Another reason we love the bundle technique for packing is that you can minimize your suitcase contents as you pack, since all of your clothing is laid out in front of you. While you pack, use this as a last chance to leave behind a few extra things.

A good rule of thumb when packing is to only bring items that can be worn more than once, and that work well in a variety of outfits. With this in mind, it can be very effective to pack with a color tone, so that everything works well together. Also, only allow yourself to pack three pairs of shoes. Plan for two comfortable pairs of walking shoes, like running shoes and a pair of sandals. Then pack one dressier pair of shoes that would work for a night out or a fancy dinner. And let's be honest: You likely don't need those "just in case" items. So if you have an outfit or some pieces of clothing where it seems unlikely that you'll need them, leave them behind. You'll be more thankful for the extra space.